34 Australian blogs make the updated AdAge Power list

A total of 34 Australian sites appear on an updated edition of Advertising Age’s influential Marketing Blogs Power list.  

The list – based on various criteria including Technorati authority, number of RSS subscribers, Alexa rankings and comments – now includes nearly 1000 blogs. The methodology – which now sees rankings change on a daily basis – was updated this week.

The top ranking Australian-based blog is ProBlogger, written in Melbourne by Darren Rowse. ProBlogger is not included in the Australia-only marketing blog ranking, Marketing Pioneers, which is run by Julian Cole of social media agency The Population, because it is not directly about marketing.

Other than ProBlogger, the highest ranking Austrlian blog on the AdAge list is Bannerblog, which celebrates the best advertising on the web. Banner blog is run by Ashley Ringrose of Soap Creative and Ashadi Hopper of RMG Connect.

And the highest ranking blog for an Australian agency is Amnesia Razorfish’s.

Meanwhile, AdAge gives marketing guru Seth Godin its number one slot.

The Australian entries on the AdAge Power list:

21 ProBlogger

105 Bannerblog

127 Social Network Marketing

159 Amnesia Blog

196 Adspace Pioneers

201 Three Billion Project

211 Better Communication Results

218 Acidlabs

226 Inspiration Room Daily

257 CopyWrite

286 Media Hunter

332 Personalize Media

333 Online Marketing Banter

334 Pigs Don’t Fly

355 Young PR

400 Psychotactics (NZ)

455 Get Shouty

498 The Marketer

503 Marketing Easy

512 Corporate Engagement

513 PR Disasters

516 This Ain’t No Disco

522 Servant Of Chaos

561 ineedhits

609 Creative Is Not A Department

624 Ryan’s View

714 Jax Rant

742 Shifted Pixels Blog

796 Business of Marketing and Branding

828 Zebra Bites

849 Insight

901 Slice Media

932 Innovation Feeder

963 Frontiering Talk


  1. Julian Cole
    1 May 09
    11:17 am

  2. The new scoring system has really switched stuff up, it rewards a constant blogging schedule. Good to see Three Billion get on the list. Timbo when you get on, you would have to hope to be pushing Top 100, no doubt.

    I think the one insight I have picked up over the years, is that the marketing community want more Unicorn.

  3. mumbrella
    1 May 09
    11:50 am

  4. I’ve also noticed that there are one or two blogs on that overall list that seem to have stopped last year, but went up in the rankings in the last few days. So one or two teething issues yet, I reckon.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  5. anon
    1 May 09
    12:27 pm

  6. Who writes the 2nd most popular marketing blog then – Social Network Marketing I wonder :)

  7. Anonymous
    1 May 09
    12:48 pm

  8. Gary! Is that you?

  9. threebillion
    1 May 09
    1:49 pm

  10. Blimey, I didn’t see that coming.

  11. Ben Shepherd
    1 May 09
    1:55 pm

  12. A recognition list without the Pap’s blog! What’s the dilly?

  13. mumbrella
    1 May 09
    2:46 pm

  14. Hi Ben,

    That’s number 127 (third on the list above), as AdAge describes it.

    Laurel’s blog has, I think, evolved through a few identities – Social Network Marketing / Silkcharm / Social Network Strategy / through to Laurel Papworth – the Business of Being Social as it currently is.

    But the labelling could be an AdAge quirk – there are one or two oddities in the list


    Tim – Mumbrella

  15. Digital Buzz
    1 May 09
    2:51 pm

  16. Congrats to all who made it…
    I kind of dislike their 6 month rule – where no blogs under six months old are allowed to apply for entry… Keeps me out by about 1 month!


  17. Duncan
    1 May 09
    3:18 pm

  18. The biggest change to the AdAge ranking system is the introduction of PostRank, a new blog ranking system that measures frequency of posts, comments, and social media responses such as Digg, Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon. This ranking system is given a higher weight than anything else in the new formula, which is unfortunate when can be as unreliable as Technorati often is. For example, the Postrank system currently is ignoring all posts at The Inspiration Room since March 7. Ouch!

  19. Gary Hayes
    1 May 09
    3:56 pm

  20. Great to see so many Australian blogs (including mine) on the list – 34 out of 977 is 3.5% which is obviously higher than internet users proportionally (1.5 bill global, with around 16mill from Australia) around 1%.

    I also agree with others that over weighting towards those who post a paragraph every day and get a moderate audience vs those who write a longer article length post every 2 weeks and get a much greater audience, is not ideal. Still it is really one of the only games in town at the moment.

  21. mumbrella
    1 May 09
    4:05 pm

  22. Hi Aden,

    Me too on the six month thing (we’re closing in on that date any day now I think).

    And Duncan,

    One other oddity – which is probably historic – is that Inspiration Room Daily seems to appear twice on the AdAge list under two different named – did you bring two blogs together at some point? if that is the case, it’s amusing that the same methodology applied to the same blog can give it two different positions in the same ranking!



  23. mumbrella
    1 May 09
    4:06 pm

  24. And Gary,

    You’re right – I’d say Australia more than holds it own on the list.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  25. Kimota
    1 May 09
    4:18 pm

  26. Wow, the changes really did impact the results. I leaped about 400 spots to 257! Probably due to postrank as has been suggested. Not the most accurate of measures, but what is there, when measuring blogs? I’m just going to enjoy my new higher ranking.

  27. Duncan
    1 May 09
    5:17 pm

  28. Thanks Tim. You’ve helped solve a mystery for me. Looks like Postrank have mixed the now defunct Duncans TV and The Inspiration Room Daily up when entering them from the Ad Age list. One became the other in August 2008. I’ve asked Postrank and AdAge to delete the first one.

  29. Zac Martin
    1 May 09
    5:29 pm

  30. Another day another list. Still, it’s nice to see my name up there in the lights.

    Servant of Chaos shouldn’t be that low though.

  31. Darren Rowse
    1 May 09
    9:24 pm

  32. great to see so many quality Aussie blogs on the list.

    My only complaint with their list at the moment is their Bloglines index. I’ve raised it with them but after seeing my own blog with a ranking of 1 in the bloglines column I did some investigating of the list and found that the number of subscribers a feed has in bloglines doesn’t seem to really be relating to the # they’re giving as a ranking. It’s a bit bizarre and I (or the AdAge guys) can’t quite work it out but it does seem to be messing up the results quite a bit at the moment.

    Ultimately though – its got some great blogs on the list!

  33. Laurel Papworth
    2 May 09
    12:42 pm

  34. Regarding #3 blog
    Laurel’s blog has, I think, evolved through a few identities – Social Network Marketing / Silkcharm / Social Network Strategy / through to Laurel Papworth – the Business of Being Social as it currently is.

    Hi Tim, please let me clarify. I did not add myself to the AdAge list – anyone can make a recommendation – and for a few years i’ve been known colloquially as the “social network marketing blog”. However: my tagline is The Business of Being Social, blog author is Laurel Papworth, online avatar name is SilkCharm. Really not that much different from any other immersed blogger in the space – including yourself Mumbles/Mumbrella/Tim Burrowes/Everything Under Australia’s Media and Marketing Umbrella :)

    My title has changed – in the 80’s/90’s I was a Virtual Community Manager (and fibre optics consultant) in the late 90’s 2000’s an Online Communities Expert and late 2006 changed to Social Network Strategist. I’m hoping to move my title to Customer Engagement Facilitator any day now. heh.

    Regarding #1 blog
    Darren Rowse blog, Problogger, educates millions on how to use blogs and Twitter for marketing, rather reporting on how agencies and corporates use social media for experiments and muckup in online marketing. He is certainly top of my list for referring marketing people who want to learn how to promote using social media rather than gloat over SM disasters that others have endured. We have plenty of the latter style of blogs…

  35. mumbrella
    2 May 09
    3:29 pm

  36. Hi Laurel,

    Thanks for your customarily warm comments.

    I have no strong views on whether ProBlogger should / shouldn’t be on the Marketing Pioneers list. I can see both sides of that argument. I was simply explaining the difference between the two lists for those who might be interested to know.

    It’s recommnend ProBlogger as an excellent resource to anyone who blogs, regardless of whether they work in marketing or not.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  37. Laurel Papworth
    2 May 09
    3:46 pm

  38. Thanks Timbo! 😛
    I didn’t see too many comments explaining why maybe Darren should be included, so thought I’d chirp up.
    On the regular posting thingie – I blogged 5 times this week, 3 times last week and 1 the week before. I’m not sure -does that work for or against these type of leaderboards?
    Cheers. Laurel, @SilkCharm