ABC iview picks up its first exclusive content with sketch comedy series Monday Bites

ABC’s catch-up TV platform iview has picked up its first exclusive series in a bid to drive its new mobile platform.

Monday Bites, created, written and directed by a team of comedians including Griff The Invisible director Leon Ford is scheduled to deliver two minute comedy sketches to the ABC’s platform every Monday morning from 6am.

Ford said: “We’ve made 12 episodes and iview will screen it exclusively. Because they’re launching their mobile app they wanted something to screen, so it will screen every Monday morning. The original idea is to give people something to watch every Monday as a pick me up on their way to work.”

The team will also produce and upload extra content to YouTube and Facebook. Ford, who has also been writing for Ten’s Offspring and Nine’s House Husbands, said: “We’ll also make extra bites, 20 seconds sketches and blooper reels to go on YouTube. If there’s a political incident we might shoot something to build up an audience. I catch the train every morning and everyone is on tablets and devices so it would be great if it became a daily routine.”

Ford said while the 12-part series has been picked up by the ABC, the team are independent and may look to create sponsored content for other channels.


  1. Norelle Feehan
    28 Jun 12
    12:13 pm

  2. A first? But The Roast is on iView too – it’s broadcast time is 8.38pm on ABC2

  3. Norelle Feehan
    28 Jun 12
    12:14 pm

  4. oops 8.28 pm on ABC2

  5. Andy
    28 Jun 12
    12:17 pm

  6. This is great stuff! Funny, original and clever. Awesome!!

  7. Colin Delaney
    28 Jun 12
    1:33 pm

  8. Hi Norelle,

    As you say, the Roast also airs on ABC2 – this will run only on iview.
    It has also been pointed out that Vice had a few series run on iview, but that was after they ran on Vice’s former platform


  9. Scott
    28 Jun 12
    1:41 pm

  10. @Norelle Feehan: If “The Roast” is broadcast on ABC2, then it’s not exclusive to iview. “Monday Bites” will only be available on iview, not on the telly.

  11. Norelle Feehan
    28 Jun 12
    3:04 pm

  12. thank you for advising. Room for plenty of comedy in my view on iview or any view!

  13. iview fan
    28 Jun 12
    10:27 pm

  14. Looks good…

  15. BSM
    29 Jun 12
    8:24 am

  16. Looking fwd to this!