Aussie-Pom beach rivalry in new CommBank cricket ad

commbank beach ashesAn overly competitive beach cricket game between an Aussie and a Pom forms the backdrop to CommBank’s new ad campaign to promote its sponsorship of Cricket Australia.

The campaign – from M&C Saatchi – promotes a competition to win a trip to the UK for The Ashes which begin in June.

The ad features Aussie cricketer Pat Cummins – “cousin Pat” – being brought in to help the Australian family in the Beach Ashes.

View the ad:

CommBank is also promoting a backyard cricket competition to have the Australian team play at a winner’s home.


  1. Rumpelstiltskin
    22 Jan 13
    4:31 pm

  2. CommBank… sorry they completely lost me during the Olympics campaign and that silly ‘CANT’ campaign, and I dont know whether they can recover??? Not interested in any of their advertising anymore.

  3. version
    22 Jan 13
    5:35 pm

  4. The whole Australian team players playing beach or backyard cricket is very tired now.

  5. Gold medal said
    22 Jan 13
    9:53 pm

  6. Why spend the money for a new shoot? We could re-edit the bomb ad with them trying to get into the MCG. And is this money well spent on a team that can barely score 70 or goes off if their hair gets wet?

  7. The Grey Ghost
    23 Jan 13
    1:16 am

  8. When I was working at Singos circa 2001, this was the shit we were coming up with then. Comon Aussie Comon! Is that all there is?

  9. Rob R
    23 Jan 13
    8:37 am

  10. It’s not all bad, there’s some contrived done before stuff but there’s also a couple of little decent moments too.

  11. Allan Border
    23 Jan 13
    11:07 am

  12. Why do we wear green when playing ODIs?