Australians trust miners more than the media

More Australians trust the mining industry than the media, suggests a new survey by Essential Media.

The mining industry narrowly beat out its media counterparts 32% to 30% in the report examining which sectors and institutions Australians trust.

The report from Essential Media Communications showed that Agriculture, Tourism and Manufacturing were the most trusted sectors.

In the wake of the Finkelstein Report, the report also showed that newspapers had fallen in trust with the number of respondents stating that they had “no trust at all” in newspapers tripling from 5 per cent in 2010 to 15 per cent this year.

Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph is Australia’s least trusted newspaper with 50% of respondents stating they had “no trust at all” in the newspaper or “not much trust”.

This compares with only 48% for The Herald Sun and 41% for the Courier Mail.

Among the broadsheet newspapers 10% of Australians said they had “no trust at all” in The Australian, compared with 65 per cent who said they had some or a lot of trust in the newspaper.

Both the The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age performed well with 71% of respondents respectively indicating some level of trust in the mastheads. A total of 9% of respondents said they had “no trust at all” for both the newspapers.

Despite a controversial year in radio with scandals, involving Sydney radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Alan Jones, the percentage of people who said they trust commercial radio news and current affairs rose to 46% compared with 45% in 2012.

Trust in commercial television news and current affairs fell from 46% to 44% last year.

The total sample size for the survey was 1,007 people.

Nic Christensen 


  1. That'll be right
    22 Jan 13
    6:59 pm

  2. People do not trust the Murdoch press. Well there is a surprise…

  3. Matt
    22 Jan 13
    7:07 pm

  4. The mining industry has done a great job over the past 2 years changing their perception, focussing on the value they add to Australia through employment across a wide range of sectors. They’ve won my heart and mind. Maybe traditional media campaigns still work

  5. The Internetz
    22 Jan 13
    8:25 pm

  6. Ironic that this is released in close proximity to Edelman’s global Trust Barometer. Perfect coincidence? Similar results?

  7. Cam
    22 Jan 13
    9:09 pm

  8. Matt clearly works for the pro-mining media spammers. That’s why his comment is so unbelievable and sounds so scripted. I don’t know anyone who trusts the mining industry. But then, most people I know are well educated. Not idiots.

  9. JB
    22 Jan 13
    9:44 pm

  10. I guess they both dig dirt….

  11. Lindsay.
    23 Jan 13
    12:12 am

  12. People find out about the mining industry from the media. Maybe Essential Media should do a little more work.

  13. Dan Agger's Mohican
    23 Jan 13
    11:04 am

  14. Australians trust miners more than the media to do what, exactly?

    – Look after their kids?
    – Invest their super with?
    – Keep them up-to-date with breaking news?
    – Mine coal?