Being married to an ad man? That ain’t living

Meet Sam.

He’s an advertising exec.

A stunning portrayal from BCF, isn’t it?  

(With thanks to Xtreme Information for tracking down the ad)


  1. Brenton Fotherington-Smythe
    4 Nov 10
    2:32 pm

  2. So true it could be a documentart filmed with hidden cameras

  3. Anonymous
    4 Nov 10
    2:40 pm

  4. I’ve dated this man

  5. sven
    4 Nov 10
    2:47 pm

  6. i love a good wooden canoe

  7. Ashley
    4 Nov 10
    3:01 pm

  8. Rings true of James May’s comments recently

  9. Reinhard
    4 Nov 10
    3:13 pm

  10. Ashley – what did James may say???? Don’t leave us hanging…

  11. Ashley
    4 Nov 10
    3:18 pm

  12. @Reinhard, James May reckons new age men need to toughen up and learn some basic “man skills” such as changing a tyre, rewiring a plug, changing a light globe and even ironing a shirt, otherwise men will be made even more redundant. He is also promoting his new TV show, which happens to be about just that.

  13. Huh, irony
    4 Nov 10
    4:26 pm

  14. @Reinhard, thank you for embodying the very point of James May’s comments. Rather than seeking out the answer yourself, you waited for someone else to do provide it for you. :P

  15. Reinhard (may not be my real name)
    4 Nov 10
    5:41 pm

  16. Hey Huh, irony – I see myself as supporting an ongoing dialague that brings together people from different areas of marketing/advertising etc to engage in productive chit chat (and to slag off other people’s ads)

  17. Matty Fortune
    4 Nov 10
    5:56 pm

  18. I shave my face with a rusty machete, before drinking a glass of bull sweat each morning.

    Is that living??

  19. Joel Monaghan
    4 Nov 10
    10:24 pm

  20. My dog loves a real man too. I love my dog.

    A lot.

  21. john
    5 Nov 10
    9:19 am

  22. who said advertising people are shallow as car park puddles?

  23. jim
    5 Nov 10
    10:03 am

  24. this misses out on the majority of people who work in advertising. what about a female version?

  25. Jimmy
    5 Nov 10
    6:44 pm

  26. This misses out on the majority of people who work in advertising.

    Where are all the Brits?

  27. John
    8 Nov 10
    11:34 am

  28. Aaaah yes…the Brits! Know wo’ eye meeaaan? We ‘ave arived to teach you great unwashed colonials everyfing we know abou’ mar’e’ing and adver ‘ising whilst we try to find the le ‘er “T”.