Big Brother rates below 1m for first time since debut

The ratings of Nine’s Big Brother have slipped since its big debut at the start of the week, with the reality show dropping below 1m for the first time on a typically poor Thursday night for television viewing.

The show rated with 973,000 – down around 600,000 viewers from its 1.6m debut – but won in every key demographic, 18-49, 16-39 and 25-54.

On at 7pm, Big Brother pulled in exactly the same ratings figure as Home & Away on Seven – both were the top non-news shows of the night.

The second episode of The Farmer Wants A Wife, which followed Big Brother at 8pm, rated with 938,000. It narrowly beat Mrs Brown’s Boys, which pulled in 932,000 for Seven in the 8.30pm time slot.

MasterChef All Stars was Ten’s highest rating show with 797,000, peaking at 1.07m.

It was a poor night for the ABC, with its top non-news show – a repeat of Midsomer Murders – pulling 690,000 and ranking 13th. But the broadcaster gained a higher channel share than Ten – with 13.5% share compared to 12.4%.

Seven News won the night with 1.173m, followed by Nine News on 1.034m.

Seven won the night overall with 21.3% channel share. Nine was second with 20.4%.

Thursday’s top 15 shows:

1. Seven News Seven 1.173m
2. Nine News Nine 1.034m
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.021m
4. ABC News ABC 1.002m
5. Big Brother Nine 0.973m
6. Home and Away Seven 0.973m
7. The Farmer Wants A Wife Nine 0.938m
8. Mrs Brown’s Boys – Episode 1 Seven 0.932m
9. A Current Affair Nine 0.890m
10. Masterchef Ten 0.797m
11. 7:30 ABC 0.726m
12. Ten News Ten 0.709m
13. Midsomer Murders ABC 0.690m
14. Mrs Brown’s Boys – Episode 2 Seven 0.667m
15. Catalyst ABC 0.642m

Thursday’s channel share:

  1. Seven: 21.3%
  2. Nine: 20.4%
  3. ABC1: 13.5%
  4. Ten: 12.4%
  5. SBS1: 4.5%
  6. 7TWO 4.3%
  7. GO!: 4.1%
  8. 7mate: 3.9%
  9. One: 3.6%
  10. Eleven: 3.5%
  11. Gem: 3.0%
  12. ABC2: 2.8%
  13. ABC News 24: 1.0%
  14. SBS2: 0.9%
  15. ABC3: 0.8%


  1. TV Advertiser
    17 Aug 12
    9:38 am

  2. Gotta say BB is a massive bore. Pitched at ‘families’ – I don’t think so.
    Advertsiers don’t believe it either – are there any sponsors?
    This is going to be a train wreck for Nine financially & ratings wise. Its going to continue to drop as its simply so uninteresting. Who would want to advertise in it? Not me. Good luck Nine

  3. Nat
    17 Aug 12
    10:11 am

  4. Again, it won in every key demographic…. not such a bad thing?

    I dont work at a TV station but as a “media buyer” I dont think i can agree that its going to be a train wreck. If it consistantly holds above 900,00 i would not write it off as a failure.

    When the news does 1.1 and just over 1mil a high 900s is not a bad thing….

    Maybe 900,000 is the new 1mil?

  5. Chris
    17 Aug 12
    10:43 am

  6. If channel 9 were spruiking that this was going to hit 1 million+ every night to advertisers then yeah, this would be train wreck, but only Channel 10 would promise something stupid as pulling million+ a night.

  7. gavin
    17 Aug 12
    11:06 am

  8. Not sure it was a totally ‘poor’ night for the ABC, their 7pm News won the timeslot.

  9. asd
    17 Aug 12
    11:17 am

  10. 900,000 on a thurs is hardly a train wreck. If it sits around the 1 – 1.1 mil mark it will work. As nat said it was still No.1 in key buying demos so it advertisers are not buying it they are not doing there job

  11. Stephen Barr
    17 Aug 12
    12:45 pm

  12. Dear Nat and ASD,
    For a show in it’s infancy with saturation promotion during the Olympics both Nat and ASD you are both guilty of being delusional as well “gilding the lily”….The show is on track to be a certified disaster and if your were booking advertising for me I’d ask you to circle BB waiting for NINE to virtually give away spots in the vain hope of generating advertising revenue.

  13. Rob
    17 Aug 12
    1:26 pm

  14. The highest rating show of the night was only 200k more than BB. If the entire pool of viewers is smaller, as generally seems to happen on Thursday/Friday, one would a expect “train wreck” to have drastically lower figures than just 200k off the night’s winner. In addition it won the all demos.

  15. Harry
    17 Aug 12
    1:52 pm

  16. Who cares? it is crap. Tired format, old concept. Nothing new. The reason The Voice rated is that it was a new concept.It will not do as well next year. In the US they are already changing the format to keep the viewers. Suprised the Footy Show AFL did not even get a mention after coming back after the Olympics. Again, same old format, grand final edition is just an extension of the normal show. Nothing different. What hope is there for viewers, nothing exciting on TV

  17. Ann
    17 Aug 12
    1:59 pm

  18. Ourt rated by ABC News, thats a worry

  19. Tom
    17 Aug 12
    3:13 pm

  20. Dont think you can really judge the BB rating until a couple of weeks in when the numbers settle down a bit. I think it will sit around the mullion mark which would be a pretty good result. You may bash a tired and old format but its still taking in higher numbers than anything else besides news. The Voice may not do as well next year but it will still do close to the 2 mil mark

  21. RatsRepus
    17 Aug 12
    3:50 pm

  22. @ Tom have you forgotten Masterchef and MKR. Both did considerably better than BB. Even the very tired and scripted Block did better than this. There are some very concerned buyers. Some very concerned sellers. BB could be the next extreme baggage based on these figures. The line graph is very similar.
    One week after the Olympics and it’s game for the rest of the year.

  23. Tim
    17 Aug 12
    3:56 pm

  24. Big Brother, So You Think you Can Dance, Everybody Dance Now, The Shire, Un Amazing Race, Australias Got No Talent, Idol, The Voice, The X Factor, Dancing With Supposed Stars, etc etc. It’s all rubbish, whats wrong with you people. Viewers need IQ’s in single digits. Lara Bingle at least takes her clothes off.

  25. NL
    17 Aug 12
    4:55 pm

  26. The numbers at this stage are a reflection of TV viewing on any Thursday these days. What is interesting however is the revolt on their facebook page. In similar fashion to the Olympics, fans are expressing their anger at not being able to access the content they want, when they want it.

    This was a decision Nine took to ‘protect its brand’ however the live streaming is a cornerstone of the BB brand. Be interesting to see how it progresses.

  27. Stephen Barr
    17 Aug 12
    5:10 pm

  28. NL that’s fascinating feedback.
    I had know idea that the live streaming element of the show which was the most revolutionary and relevant aspect of BB has been butchered by NINE.
    Incredible a network would go to such lengths to distance itself from a digital forum.
    They must do a back flip on this decision.

  29. sofakingwetoddit
    17 Aug 12
    5:43 pm

  30. hope this show continues to slide down in ratings and off into the pile of discarded failures never to be re-hashed again! It’s no wonder Nine are broke!

  31. John
    23 Aug 12
    12:09 am

  32. What a waist of time watching five mins was painful, again C9 have placed themselves in the title of
    Dumb and Dumber reality TV shows.big brother is useless offers nothing other than dribble, C9 should remove from the air to safe face, with the general public.
    Ridicules, lacks creativity on every level.