Bondi Hipsters seek sponsorship for Olympics show

The Bondi Hipsters are looking for a brand to sponsor a trip to the London where they plan to report on the Olympics.

Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier, who star as Dom and Adrian in a new pastiche of Bondi hipsters that launched yesterday, plan to “turn the traditional media model on its head” and are offering behind-the-scenes daily reportage during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Former JC Decaux staffer Van Vuuren said the opportunity for brands would be “like Roy and HG’s Olympic coverage but with two younger, better looking dudes in skinny jeans.”

Van Vuuren is best known for his YouTube-based character The Fully Sick Rapper. Last year, Van Vuuren and his brother Connor won the Optus ONE80 Project and have since produced a 60-minute pilot for MTV Australia entitled SICK.

Van Vuuren is working with Sydney-based content creation agency Infinity Squared, and is joined by Nick Boshier, one of the creators of Beached Az, in what they see as “a new kind of model, promoting the use of online creators and their audiences as a means to produce original shows,” reads a press release.

Van Vuuren said “During the Olympics brands will have standard sponsorships all over mainstream media. We think young people will look  outside mainstream media to keep up with the results and coverage, and a funny one minute daily video will be much more likely to reach a youth audience. The Olympics only happens once every four years, so it’s totes exclusive, and we’ll be on the VIP list.”

The duo’s brief is to work with agencies and brands to “create bespoke branded content”. Van Vuuren said “Ryobi Drill would be a great fit as a brand. It would be totes ironic.

Infinity Squared has recently created branded content for the likes of McDonald’s and Asics.

Van Vuuren and Boshier’s ‘The life organic’ video has amassed almost 118,000 views since it was uploaded last week.


  1. Jew Barrymore
    13 Mar 12
    7:19 pm

  2. hehe, they are totes selling out 😉

  3. jean cave
    13 Mar 12
    7:47 pm

  4. Perhaps they could meetup with the Dalston Superstars while they are there?.

  5. Jeepers
    13 Mar 12
    8:57 pm

  6. ‘Bespoke content’…the irony.

  7. windfery
    13 Mar 12
    9:11 pm

  8. reminds me of flight of the conchords

  9. Rob
    14 Mar 12
    7:41 am

  10. So is this anything to anyone outside the eastern suburbs?

  11. the duckman
    14 Mar 12
    8:34 am

  12. totes selling out and i’m devo – was fun in the early bits…I know, you could do Trent from Punchy, and Fully Sick Rapper as bonus sponsorship – but 1 get 2 free :-)

  13. Vic
    14 Mar 12
    9:49 am

  14. nice way to get a free holiday

  15. Nicky Bryson
    14 Mar 12
    10:03 am

  16. Oh yes, heaven help us all if talented people actually get to make money out of their clever creations.

  17. Dom and Adrian
    14 Mar 12
    10:16 am

  18. Tharnks for reading the articlesie… Look, we hate sellouts, but it’s not selling out if it’s like some totes random brahnd… Like a Spatula company, or Ryobi Power Tools, or a company that makes Toilet Brushes or something… That would be totes ironic… Is that what irony means?… Such a paradox.. Is that what paradox means?…

  19. Nick Peters
    14 Mar 12
    10:26 am

  20. I admire their approach to sponsorship, but my totally uniformed gut opinion is that they won’t get a deal for the Olympics. Also, parodying hispters is a bit old hat isn’t it? Would be interested in hearing what kind of brands/clients people might suggest this too or if they too think it’s had its day.

  21. Brad Magnetic
    14 Mar 12
    11:58 am

  22. Good on them. We need more raw slick entertainment in this advertising game.

  23. Radness
    14 Mar 12
    12:25 pm

  24. Haters gonna hate. You guys are hilaious! Hope a sponsor comes on board.

  25. Mick
    14 Mar 12
    1:08 pm

  26. They can prove a point by paying their own way, but agreeing with Rob, does this mean anything to anyone outside the eastern suburbs?

  27. Nicky Bryson
    14 Mar 12
    1:25 pm

  28. Mick, since I posted the Organic Life vid on my Facebook, the vast majority of people delighted by it were not Eastern Suburbs dwellers. In fact, all my Eastie friends seemed a little uncomfortable with the accurate portrayal of our pursuits. I think Dom and Adrian would find a much wider audience for their Olympic coverage than the Bondi (I’m not a) hipster collective.

  29. Dan
    14 Mar 12
    1:32 pm

  30. They might as well do it from Bondi, as without media accreditation they won’t get anywhere near any action in London. However I would like to see them on the road and their reaction to the world outside the east as they are funny.

  31. Meh
    14 Mar 12
    2:31 pm

  32. Everyone knows what it’s about! Everyone that doesn’t live in Bondi perceive Bondians to be like this…..I’m not originally from Bondi but live there now and I see quite a few characters like this every day! Before I moved to Bondi I thought it was exactly like the series promotes it to be. I believe Nicky when she says majority of people that have viewed it aren’t from Bondi. Maybe if they stop putting their bloody dogs on dinner tables at restaurants/cafes people will like them a bit better….And what’s with the ‘someone died’ expression on their faces? In all fairness not everyone that lives in Bondi are like these characters…But it’s not hard to spot the Bondi Hipsters…….I am going into hiding now. Peace :)

  33. Oliver
    14 Mar 12
    2:37 pm

  34. Why not float it on a crowd sourcing site, and use the existing audience they already have as the platform. Some 20 something kid just funded a feature length film with his youtube audience (aimed for $60 000… Ended up with over $200 000).

    Who wants to do what a brand says anyway, why not use your audience to see what they want, they’re usually more adept at telling you, and are far greater to work with than a brand.

  35. Nick
    14 Mar 12
    2:40 pm

  36. Like the rest of the Bondi Hipsters series, can one assume that any such Bondi Hipsters Olympic related content will be posted on the ChristiaanVanVuuren YouTube channel, which is already montised, and thus any branding within the content will be overshadowed by the variety of YouTube banner, Promoted Video and TrueView advertising products that are already targeting that channel / content?

  37. JG
    14 Mar 12
    2:43 pm

  38. Oh … when you said ‘paradox’ … I thought that with the accent you were saying ‘pair of dorks’. ‘Nuff said.

  39. Rach
    14 Mar 12
    2:43 pm

  40. I think The Life Organic could be re-created as any East London hangout. Dom and Adrian would be liked by many especially reporting on the Olympics. My Londoner pals cringe at this (as they did too at “Being a Dickheads Cool”… remember that?) They also totes say totes in LDN/UK… it would work. Good luck lads.

  41. Pete
    14 Mar 12
    2:49 pm

  42. I agree with Dan, even if they get sponsors to send them over to London… i doubt they have already sorted out media accreditation. Which means they won’t have access to all the ‘behind the scenes’ from the Olympic sites etc. So they might have to rely on one of those dinosauric medium’s like TV or radio to get them access… Unless you just want to know about parties and backpacker accommodation… maybe try Contiki boys

  43. MattP
    14 Mar 12
    3:02 pm

  44. I thought this was about *Bonds* Hipsters and wasn’t sure why some underwear needed sponsorship for a Olympic show.

  45. Linda
    14 Mar 12
    3:33 pm

  46. Maybe they should hit up the British tourist board?

  47. AJ
    14 Mar 12
    3:52 pm

  48. Power to them for being funny and creating a great catchy song.

    However there’s a few too many meta-levels for a commercial project – After announcing your real names, and announcing you want to a commercial deal for your non-commercial characters. You’re giving the game away.

    I think it’s unfortunate irony…not the clever kind.

  49. john
    14 Mar 12
    4:24 pm

  50. except it’s not even funny

  51. Berg
    14 Mar 12
    4:51 pm

  52. gimmicky, dumb and already dated

  53. Ex bondi, media man
    14 Mar 12
    5:21 pm

  54. Its the kind of comedy that appeals to other media people who have not had interesting lives in the real world.

    It refers to nothing of substance.

    Its been done before, better.

    Its the comedic equivalent of direct marketing spam.

    So, all up, it will probably be a huge success in the commercial media.

  55. Dave
    14 Mar 12
    8:13 pm

  56. God forbid advertising / branded content should be entertaining. You break into our homes every evening & bore the crap out of us with your product propositioning based long term ground swell buliding initiatives.. rather than fast forward you I will let you play in the background while I watch these guys online.

  57. Dom and Aids
    15 Mar 12
    10:32 am

  58. Dear Ex Bondi Media Man. Yea i totes agreeballs with you… i mean, those who make comments on trade websites have, or “have had”, totes interesting lives. And to Berg, no need to be so racist brah…. it’s just a little vidsie.

  59. JJ
    15 Mar 12
    10:43 am

  60. It’s a bit of fun. They’re having a go. Good luck to them…

  61. Anonymous
    15 Mar 12
    12:54 pm

  62. Why do commenters love being angry and mean? If you don’t like it, keep clicking…

  63. Tobias
    18 Mar 12
    1:40 pm

  64. Is Bondi really Sydney’s hipster enclave? When I last went there, the fashion and vibe seemed more like Chapel St/St Kilda (to give the Melbourne equivalent) – trashy bourgie fashion victim as opposed to hipster. Particularly in places like White Revolver. I would’ve thought somewhere like Surry Hills with its vintage boutiques and cafes you have to wait in line for would be more like the hipster mothership than Bondi is. Perhaps Melbourne’s definition of the word is slightly different. Or maybe our hipsters are more hipster. The Bedroom Philosopher was certainly doing these gags at least two to three years before it became cool to…

  65. Paul
    18 Mar 12
    2:01 pm

  66. Yeah but Nathan Barley was doing those jokes a good five years before him!

  67. Nic Halley
    18 Mar 12
    4:44 pm

  68. getting paid – well done guys

  69. Kate
    19 Mar 12
    7:29 pm

  70. This has to be the best piece of content as Dom and Adrian that they have released. Everything else is painfully unwatchable, no offence. And there is nothing about this stereotype that is ‘media’, i’ve shared this with non media people and they see the truth in it. It’s not about media twats, it’s about bondi twats!

  71. Nick Peters
    19 Mar 12
    8:18 pm

  72. I don’t think it matters that Bondi isn’t really a hipster enclave (I kind of assumed that was part of the joke). But when you compare it to Nathan Barley or Portlandia (the alpha and omega of hyperlocal hipster satire) one can’t help but experience a bit of the old cultural cringe.

  73. mzd
    3 Apr 12
    2:46 pm

  74. Haha while TV’s for old people, at least a TV camo can set up a shot where their reflection could not be seen on the lens of a mirrored pair of faux RayBans