Brian Carlton rises from the ashes at 2UE as Peter Berner quits

Former 2GB and Triple M figure Brian “The Spoonman” Carlton today signed on with beleaguered 2UE just days after Tweeting “after 29 years its goodbye to the media, I’m done” and later telling Mumbrella  “it’s time to go off and utilise my skills somewhere (else).”

Staff at the Fairfax radio station were told Carlton had been employed to produce Jason Morrison’s new drive program. Mumbrella understands that the reaction was very positive with Carlton a highly regarded radio operator.

But Mumbrella has also learned that the good news was balanced with another negative to hit 2UE, with weekend afternoon host Peter Berner quitting, apparently upset due to turmoil at the station.

The shock Carlton announcement came just a day before  the talk station 2UE will announce its new line up with the focus on who – and it is expected she will be female – will co-host the ambitious breakfast slot to be led by Ian “Dicko” Dickson.

Station boss Chris Parker – who also marks one year in the job tomorrow – was left scrambling by Kathryn Robinson after she reversed her decision to co-host with Dickson.

Parker told Mumbrella he was always speaking to potential hosts and had been able to find a replacement for Robinson fairly quickly – and would announce who it was in a mid-morning statement.

“One of the things you have to do in this job is continually talk to people, and for instance I spoke to two potential hosts yesterday who won’t be part of our plans for 2013,” he told Mumbrella’s Marcus Casey.

“The speculation about who will be Dicko’s partner will end tomorrow, and there will be a great sigh of relief.”

But Mumbrella understands there won’t be many such sighs among staff – especially several producers who have not been assigned to shows and hosts wondering who will be running their off-air ships and coordinating shows when the new line up starts on Monday.

One off air staffer said “it remains chaos and we’re wondering what the hell will happen on Monday.”

Dickson did not return calls today, so it’s not known how he feels about the recent events or his new co-host.

What is known is that Paul Murray moves from drive to mornings in a new start at 8.30am instead of 9am, and broadcast his show from The Sydney Morning Herald’s newsroom.

He will be followed at 11.30 by John Stanley – also at the Herald – hosting a half hour business show. Stanley will continue his weekend breakfast shows, meaning he will work seven days a week.

Stuart Bocking will host noon to 3pm, followed by Jason Morrison in drive from 3pm to 6pm.

Parker revealed Sports Today will now run seven nights a week, with Murray Olds understood to being courted to host the weekend editions.

“Murray is still considering his options,” Parker said.

Olds’ former partner Murray Wilton will host the weeknight  8pm slot.

Marcus Casey


  1. nic
    10 Jan 13
    8:14 pm

  2. So very sad to hear ‘The Two Murrays” didn’t survive in radio. Together, they were just right! Nic.

  3. bil
    13 Jan 13
    9:09 am

  4. The sooner Gina Rinehart gets the whip hand the sooner stability will return.

  5. David
    14 Jan 13
    10:09 am

  6. Splitting up the two Murrays’ the worst and stupidest decision in a long line of stupid decisions at 2UE

  7. Trish
    14 Jan 13
    2:14 pm

  8. Really sad what has happened to 2ue it was once a really good station. They will never learn – they have gotten rid of their really good presenters like David Oldfield, Tim Shaw, Mike Jeffreys and even John Kerr. These men are articulate, with a point of view worth listening to. 2ue’s new morning line up is a bit of a giggle if they want to make any ground against their main rival. Dicko against Alan Jones???????? I do applaud them though for finishing up the two Murrays – they were just awful, awful, awful, awful ratio. The one surviving Murray would not stand a chance again his opposition – no matter who it was. Radio devotees are just standing back and shaking their collective heads at the almightly mess that has been going on at Greenwich for some time with no sign of ending soon.

  9. Vicky
    14 Jan 13
    6:09 pm

  10. Bring back the two Murrays. What are you doing? ????

  11. Maggie
    15 Jan 13
    2:40 pm

  12. 2ue strikes again. What are you thinking over there at Greenwich. Dicko is aptly names. Bring back the two Murrays and put Stuart back to mornings and Jason at Breakfast.

  13. tony
    17 Jan 13
    1:45 pm

  14. 2 Murrays were the best .. funny and articulate

  15. Christine Watson
    17 Jan 13
    11:18 pm

  16. Crazy stuff at 2ue, it’s unbelieveable really that management could be so out of touch. Leave everything the way it was, Jason, Stuart, 2 Murrays (bad bad decision), Paul (new morning show is average). Brillant decision though to get rid of Rebecca Wilson. Mike Jefferies the most talented of all! He should return to night time. Poor Tim Webster & Murray Olds shame on 2ue.

  17. Rob
    18 Jan 13
    11:47 pm

  18. Breaking up the two Murrays , dumbest act in a long line of dumb acts. I’m sorry but Dicko is not a radio presenter.

  19. Wil
    21 Jan 13
    5:56 am

  20. I predict Spoonman will win the ratings. He will win all the ratings.

    23 Jan 13
    10:27 am

  22. Spoonman will bring listeners wit him to 2UE from TripleM see how many TripleM listeners come with Spponman to 2UE in 2013..

  23. Kate
    27 Jan 13
    5:28 pm

  24. Please let me know where David Oldfield has gone? He was just the best do hope 2GB pick him up.

    What has happened to 2UE it used to be a good radio station. I am changing to 2Gb
    To many wrong changes.

  25. GatoRibio
    4 Feb 13
    4:44 pm

  26. The two M’s out great management …NOT!
    You need light humour at that time and they really did a good job of lifting the tempo up.
    I guess tempo on AM band is not to be tolerated, talk politics all day every day..
    Put Spoony, Garfield and Odie on – That would spark things up (ATFS), hey 2UE might get some ratings!
    Cheers and keep the b o r I n g politics rolling..