Can-do headline writing

A quick  memo to news sub editors writing headlines about CommBank.

Open season on the word “Can” – and indeed “Can’t” has begun. Every time you write a headline about the bank, go for your life.

Every headline involving Can-do banking, or indeed “Can’t pass on the interest rate cut” are currently topical and of the zeitgeist.

But please remember that by next week, that approach will be tired and lazy. Your seven days of thought-free headline writing begins… now.


  1. Tony Richardson
    28 May 12
    10:51 am

  2. I did the can/can’t idea as a perforated flyer thingy for Comm Bank a few years ago.

    Should I put in a new invoice to cover this campaign extension?

  3. Pun relief
    28 May 12
    11:08 am

  4. A point well made Tim… but why stop there? The bad puns (generally headlines) that you have to wade through in every Australian newspaper and magazine are horrendous. Maybe you need to start a monthly ‘Worst Press Pun’ award?

  5. Adam Paull
    28 May 12
    12:52 pm

  6. Which bank?

  7. Sullos
    28 May 12
    3:31 pm

  8. Which Bank? They’re all “cants”!

  9. Peter Rush
    28 May 12
    4:02 pm

  10. ‘can-oath!