Carlton Draught ‘Beer chase’ makes list of world’s best TV ads

An Australian ad has made a list of the world’s best TV ads of 2012.

Carlton Draught ‘Beer chase’ by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne was ranked tenth in AdWeek’s list of the world’s ‘most entertaining, intriguing, powerful and beautiful spots’.

The top spot was claimed by BBH London’s ‘Three little pigs’ for The Guardian newspaper.


  1. Tom
    27 Nov 12
    2:17 pm

  2. Totally well deserved.
    Best booze ad in years and years…

  3. blaze
    27 Nov 12
    2:18 pm

  4. How can this be a great Ad ? — it is long winded and tests your patience; though admittedly it is initially funny, but the novelty wears off quickly.

    Think about it …

    Bogon running, thieving dopes, promoting an Iconic brand ?

    Now that is laughable, if not pathetic. I would not switch my Corona for such buffoonery.

    What were the advertising executives thinking ? for me to laugh everytime I visit the Bottle shop and see piles of Carlton Draught Slabs?

    Come back to Terra Firma — you have lost it !

  5. Just enjoy it...
    27 Nov 12
    2:34 pm

  6. @blaze – there’s a term in the beer industry for people who drink Coronas – and you are well and truly proving it. “W@nker”. Just enjoy it, and until you’ve delivered anything of note, keep on trolling….

  7. Realbeerlover
    27 Nov 12
    7:56 pm

  8. @justenjoyit… W@nker may be the technical term for @blaze, but I mostly think he is lightweight and out of touch like his beer choice

  9. blaze
    28 Nov 12
    2:21 pm

  10. is that why the former Fosters paid $280 million in licensing fee for its best selling boutique beer ?

    Me thinks the new owners need more than cop fleeing bogons to reach that level of revenue…

    I like Carlton draught too — it needs better creative treatment

    who is a troll ? — its a dumb Ad