Starting an agency will make or break you

rob lowe square 2In this guest post, Poem’s Rob Lowe reflects on the tough business of building your own agency from scratch. 

Six months ago, myself and my business partner Matt Holmes, left the relative safety of the career ladder to launch our own PR agency called Poem. Taking that first step was possibly the most daunting thing either of us has ever done, but it has also been the most rewarding.  Read more »

Use it or lose it – data alone is no loyalty-maker

Katie RockliffFor all the focus on data those in the media industry often struggle with the human element of using the plethora of information at our disposal argues Katie Rockliff. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few years, you will have noticed that data has emerged as the undisputed king of all things in big business today.  Read more »

The questions clients & agencies should ask about the MFA transparency framework

Nic-Christensen-234x151-234x151-234x151The MFA yesterday released a new framework on transparency for media agencies and their clients. Mumbrella’s Nic Christensen welcomes a formal framework for these issues but notes that both sides may now have to answer some awkward questions.

Yesterday’s release of a MFA transparency framework makes for interesting read for a variety of reasons.

Not only because it formalizes the existence so-called “value banks” (no longer are these something of fiction or a seemingly isolated activity) but also because it puts the onus on both sides to begin what may well be a difficult conversation for all concerned. Read more »

A guide to the Paris climate change talks for marketing and communications people

Andrew WoodwardOn Monday the UN Climate Summit 2015 will begin in Paris. Andrew Woodward looks at what do people in the media/marketing world need to know about the talks. 

When I first started working in the industry, I was told by one of my first bosses that marketing and communication was simple – it is about getting people do things they would normally not do. Read more »

Divergent approaches to corralling native in the wild tests which approach will be right

simon canning-picThe regulators of advertising online and in broadcast have revealed their guidelines on native advertising, but Simon Canning wonders what the outcome of two very different approaches to this burgeoning form of marketing will be.

There is something curious happening in the world of native and the regulations – sorry – guidelines and principles, that are defining just how much consumers are allowed to know about who is behind the content they are consuming.

For some, the world has been flipped on its head – the government regulators are going soft, while the industry association self regulators are ramping up the rules. Read more »

The data doesn’t show that the mummy blogger era is ending anytime soon

Lorraine MurphyMia Freedman this week sparked debate within the Australia blogosphere after questioning if the end of the era of the mummy blogger may be near. Lorraine Murphy argues the data shows this isn’t the case.

Great marketing campaigns come from great listening.

Using our ears is an often under-rated tool and can be the bedrock in creating content that truly engages, educates, entertains and inspires.

But in order to do that, we need to really hear what the customer has to say. Read more »

Can better data help agencies overcome transparency issues?

Avril D'Costa

The industry loves to debate the importance of ‘big data’ but Avrill D’Costa argues it can be effective in helping address client concerns around transparency. 

Marketers now talk about data as if it’s some kind of revolution, but, let’s be honest: it’s nothing new.

It is and always has been key driver behind all marketing decisions. Numbers help marketers navigate audiences, hone messages and deliver real value to the businesses they represent. Figures like reach, share of voice and circulation, all play a roll in the mix.

So, what is going on here? Why is there so much hype around something so intrinsic to marketing as data?  Read more »

Mummy blogs aren’t outdated, they are evolving for the modern media landscape

Jayne MooreMia Freedman yesterday declared the era of mummy blogs “almost over” but Janyne Moore argues they will continue to find audiences as long as their content is relevant. 

At first I was puzzled by Mia Freedman’s statement that mummy blogs are almost over. Then I was annoyed.

The founder of Mamamia simply dismissed mummy bloggers (as she calls them – so outdated!) and niche websites as pretty much dead while talking up her latest business ideas. Read more »

A plate of media redundancy schadenfreude, but whose fault is the bitter aftertaste?

Nic-Christensen-234x151-234x151While SBS is being criticised for a satirical piece on the News Corp redundanciesNic Christensen argues the industry needs to come together and end the blinkered point scoring. 

In my darker moments (usually right after the latest round of redundancies have been announced) it sometimes feels like that my job as a media writer is to chart the decline of journalism in this country.

Don’t get me wrong I take no pleasure from that, in part because I also know how it feels to lose your job – it’s just over three years ago since I cleared out my desk at News Corp’s HQ at Holt Street.  Read more »

Why are agencies so bad at handling their own reputations in a crisis?

SAmantha TannousDespite being on the communications business many agencies aren’t prepared when it comes to protecting their own reputation argues Samantha Tannous.

It’s alarming to discover that, until they are elbow-deep in a controversy, some of our biggest and most respected agencies have never considered the need to protect their reputations in advance.

Not only that, they struggle to identify an “issue” before it becomes a crisis. Read more »

Should you sponsor the 2018 Commonwealth Games?

danielle jonesWith the Commonwealth Games coming to Australian shores in 2018 Danielle Jones looks at what you should consider before deciding whether to sponsor.

The biggest sporting event our nation will see this decade is coming to the Gold Coast in 2018. It is the 21st edition of the Commonwealth Games and many businesses will have received a knock on the door asking if they want to sponsor it. After all, Games organisers are chasing $80 million in sponsorship revenue. The question is, should you sponsor the Games? Read more »

Ad Blocking: Can the digital disruptors take their own medicine?

tristan tobinIn this guest post Tristan Tobin argues the very people who disrupted the media industry now need to show they can adapt themselves to survive the rise of ad blockers.

Does anyone else get a rush a Déjà vu from this ad-blocking debate? Ever since the printing press put scribes out of work we’ve been hearing the same argument, “liberating content from the existing revenue model will be catastrophic.” Read more »

A slow motion car wreck: The unravelling of Droga5 Sydney

droga5In just seven years of existence Droga5 Sydney experienced dizzying highs and crashing lows. Steve Jones looks at how it became Australian marketing’s cautionary tale. 

“This was obviously a very difficult decision, both professionally and personally, and as a proud Australian, it was a bitter pill to swallow,” admitted David Droga in the announcement his Sydney operation was to close.

No other agency has launched with so much hype, garnered so many headlines along the way, and fizzled out so quickly. But does the blame lie with management or clients? Read more »

Don’t look back… something might be gaining on you

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.18.52 pmTelevision producer John Edwards has delivered the Hector Crawford Memorial Lecture at the Screen Forever conference in Melbourne. This is a transcript of his speech. 

Don’t look back… something might be gaining on you.

Satchell Paige said that more than sixty years ago (so did the Book of Genesis maybe three thousand years before that).

It’s been something of a watchword for me for all the years I’ve been in this business. Read more »

Australia’s successful arts community offers a lesson to adland and creativity’s future

The arts community is thriving in Australia and adland should look to it for a guide to its own future says One Green Bean’s Carl Ratcliff .carl ratcliff

I read Tim Burrowes’ lament recently, in Mumbrella, about Naked’s facing, ‘the sad fact that clever doesn’t make money any more’. And he posed a reasonable question, ‘Where is the next model-busting agency going to come from?’ Read more »

Diversity and creativity – the time for a collective solution is now or it’s just another Groundhog Day

simon canning-picIt’s time for the debate over the hiring of five white guys on a couch at Leo Burnett in Sydney to move on – but not to go away argues Simon Canning.

For those of you new to adland, welcome to Groundhog Day.

Veterans, women especially, will recognise the recurring debate over the lack of women in leadership roles in general in the ad industry, and in particular in the creative bunkers of agencies. Time and again, it flares, smoulders and dies. Read more »

Leo Burnett Sydney CEO’s open letter on equality debate

Pete BosilkovskiLeo Burnett Sydney CEO Pete Bosilkovski has released a statement on the gender diversity debate sparked by the agency’s press release around five all-white male creative hires. 

Over the last week, our company sparked and has been at the centre of a conversation about gender diversity. While one photo isn’t reflective of our company, it does highlight that we clearly have an issue to address. Read more »

Disproportionate coverage of Paris attacks is not just the media’s fault

Folker HanuschIn this cross-posting from The Conversation Folker Hanusch argues audiences must share the blame with journalists for disproportionate coverage of events like the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The horrendous terrorist attacks in Paris and the resulting blanket media coverage have once again raised questions about the proportionality of news coverage when it comes to reporting deadly events. Read more »

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