Foxtel’s Julian Delany joins as GM

Digital platform has appointed Julian Delany to the newly created role of general manager.

The appointment is the latest in a series of high profile changes at NewsLifeMedia, since managing director Nicole Sheffield took the reins in March.   

Delany moves across from Foxtel, where he was GM for The Weather Channel.

Sheffield said: “I’m delighted to have attracted someone of the calibre of Julian Delany to this newly created position. Julian’s strategic background and extensive experience in the delivery of news across multiple platforms will provide a new dimension to”

“He has a strong track record of building brands, developing products that connect with consumers and using the latest technologies to deliver outstanding results. Under his leadership I am confident will further develop into Australia’s number one source of news and be an essential part of Australian’s daily lives on whichever platform they choose to access it.”



  1. Beck Hamilton
    7 Sep 12
    1:23 pm

  2. Congrats Julian! I hope you have built in time thats see’s you up the back of the Freshwater surf boat crew again!

  3. Reunioneer
    7 Sep 12
    2:12 pm

  4. Wow… looks like Nic is getting the XYZ band back together. Wonder who’ll be next?

  5. PM
    7 Sep 12
    4:11 pm

  6. What a legend!

  7. Shamma
    7 Sep 12
    11:46 pm

  8. “an essential part of Australian’s daily lives”


  9. Christina
    8 Sep 12
    2:32 am

  10. What does this mean for the publisher of

  11. Cameron
    14 Sep 12
    1:07 pm

  12. Julian, woo hoo. Best of luck and congratulations.