Chris’ Dips kicks off Australia Day campaign with anthem-styled jingle

Chris’ Dips have kicked off their Australia Day radio campaign with a jingle they say will be the anthem Aussies are humming over the long weekend.


The ‘As Aussie As’ campaign is a remake of a 1970s commercial, updated by Melbourne-based marketing and communications business Dig&Fish and Michael Burrows from Brand Music.

Chris’ Dips executive director Nick Tassios said in a statement: “I think this song we have rewritten with our partners represents effectively what Chris’ is all about.

The original song “I’m an Aussie Yes I am” was released by Salvador Smith in 1979.

“Chris’ is a family run business dedicated to providing Australians with food that is fresh, wholesome and full of flavour. Founded by my father in 1982, we have learned great products, great staff and great suppliers lead to great things. It’s not a job – it’s a passion and something that unites us all.”

The track launches this Friday on the Austereo network and Melbourne talk station 3AW and will be used as the brand’s mantra for activity throughout the year.



  1. Gladys
    23 Jan 14
    3:17 pm

  2. What a misdirected piece of marketing advice to a Client this is.

    Most people will hear “yes I am Christmas, and Im an Aussies yes I am”.

    Horrible, horrible marketing advice, wrong choice of media as ‘Chris’ brand is not a household name – and just pathetic execution.

    And is it really a 2 minute radio commercial?

  3. Mark
    23 Jan 14
    4:55 pm

  4. I remember this from my childhood. Loved it then, love the new version. Jingles will always cut through and this has remained true to the original sound.

    I actually think it’s a great fit and connection tying in with Australia Day, an Aussie brand and a multicultural success story.

    Well done, now it’s stuck in my head

  5. George Charalambous
    24 Jan 14
    4:49 pm

  6. I don’t agree with Gladys at all. The very essence that keeps music alive is its flexibility to adapt and when its done as professionally as this new jingle, it will only make a great song better. It’s really great to hear older songs take on a new meaning. Our family was brought up in the era this song was played with other great Aussie numbers like “Do the Eaglerock” from Daddy Cool or The Mixtures with their “Pushbike” song. I’m looking forward to hearing this rebranded revival on the radio – Good on ya whoever thought of it!