Coles uses social media to push milk pricing message

Supermarket giant Coles has posted a video on YouTube to explain its position on milk pricing.

The video, published today, is part of a social media campaign, and has already prompted much discussion on the brand’s Facebook page.

The video is also being distributed via Twitter, with no plans to run it on television.

The video was created by visual communications specialist Guy Downes.

Coles spokesman Jon Church told Mumbrella in a statement: “We know that lower retail prices have helped Australian families save money but we are often asked by customers what this means for Australian dairy farmers.”

“We wanted to provide clear information in a way which is engaging and easy to understand. The video and website graphic contain important messages we think our customers will be interested to hear but are frequently overlooked in the reporting of the milk price story.”


  1. Anonymous
    7 Feb 13
    4:59 pm

  2. wow… i guess all those dairy farmers going broke & walking off the land must have been mistaken about how fair Coles treat the Aussie farmer?

  3. RR
    7 Feb 13
    6:23 pm

  4. I love how left-wing Mumbrella readers seem to be. I’d put money on saying most work on alcohol, gambling, insurance, confectionery clients, or even Coles or Woolies themselves

  5. James
    7 Feb 13
    7:03 pm

  6. Excuse me while I swallow this grain of salt to assist me in digesting this…. detail-filled piece of spin.

  7. Quentin
    8 Feb 13
    7:23 am

  8. Sounds very much like the attempt to use social media to explain the price-hike in bananas a few years back. It didn’t wash over then and I doubt it will wash over now.

  9. zumabeach
    8 Feb 13
    9:38 am

  10. Perhaps it would be a better idea to cut out the wankery and put some money into making a cap that actually works on their three litre containers of milk which have an irritating habit of leaking everywhere if laid on their sides. But in this price-driven world you get what you pay for – cheap milk, even cheaper container.

  11. derrick
    8 Feb 13
    9:49 am

  12. this is begging out for a take off

  13. Hoin
    8 Feb 13
    10:58 am

  14. Echoes of Monica Trapiga spruiking “healthy” Coco Pops. Are they serious?

  15. Lanie
    8 Feb 13
    11:46 am

  16. Why doesn’t Coles talk about the fate of the ‘bobby’ calves and their ill-treatment by the dairy industry? Animals Australia have been trying to expose this for the past few years and I’m yet to see any kind of response.


  17. doesntmakesense
    11 Feb 13
    6:35 pm

  18. I think the processors are taking farmers for a ride. Why are they all owned by overseas companies!

  19. Kate
    1 Mar 13
    11:45 am

  20. And here’s a response from a young dairy veterinarian – pretty clever I reckon!!

    Hope this goes as far through the interwebs as the Coles video …

  21. carmen
    7 Mar 13
    12:37 pm

  22. since when have we been paid between 86cpl & 90cpl? how we wish!!!!