Content of racist Aboriginal meme Facebook page deleted

A Facebook page featuring racist images and jokes about Aboriginal people has this evening had all of its content deleted.

The site itself has not been taken down, implying that the content was removed by its creator rather than by Facebook.

The action followed a day of growing controversy over the highly offensive content of the page and Facebook’s refusal to act upon complaints or to comment upon the furore.


  1. Offal Spokesperson
    8 Aug 12
    6:04 pm

  2. Congrats to all who said something about such appalling cr*p… again wasnt it?

  3. GC
    8 Aug 12
    8:54 pm

  4. Brilliant the content was taken down. I reported each individual post on that page about three times this afternoon.

    But what about the meme generator???

    Pretty weak form from Facebook.

  5. sara
    8 Aug 12
    10:48 pm

  6. Of course they haven’t don’t anything there’s a. Facebook group called “dead baby jokes ” and nothing’s been done

  7. Dave J
    9 Aug 12
    8:25 am

  8. Another “victory” for political correctness and the loony left.

  9. Not Bogan
    9 Aug 12
    8:54 am

  10. @Dave J You my friend are institutionally racist.

  11. Andrew
    9 Aug 12
    9:22 am

  12. Was this page reported to Today Tonight, as has been threatened against the ‘dead baby jokes’ page? Laughable threat.

  13. Elbogrease
    9 Aug 12
    9:44 am

  14. @Dave, i’m with you mate. I’m part koorie and we get a huge laugh out of these jokes(mostly). We get sick of (ironically, moderated by Mumbrella) telling us what is racist. We can decide for ourselves, thank you very much.

  15. LW
    9 Aug 12
    9:53 am

  16. Elbogrease, I have the right to be offended by lazy racial stereotyping even if you are not. And by saying ‘we’ you seem to think you are speaking for everyone in your community, which you aren’t.

  17. Not Bogan
    9 Aug 12
    11:36 am

  18. @ Elbogrease

    So if you are “part koorie” then it is perfectly okay, according to you Elbogrease to practice racism? I doubt that many other native Australians would feel the same about the page. I am sure many can take a joke, however surely you can see that this overstepped the mark?

    A lot of the racism is innocent ignorance admittedly. It stems from a lack of integration, with many ethnic minorities amassing in the poorer districts of our large cities. Plus of course it is institutional.

    – White kids blindsided, nestled away on the North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches (Sydney at least). Could mandatory native Australian scholarships to private schools improve this ignorance? 20 per year per school? (I can imagine the Mosman mothers and fathers tutting at that suggestion as they read this post?) It would be a start though.

  19. Not Bogan
    9 Aug 12
    11:52 am

  20. Interesting piece here about Native Australian Scholarships to private schools from May this year.

    Slowly the fickle racism peddled by the ignorant, will hopefully subside?

  21. GC
    9 Aug 12
    12:45 pm

  22. Yeah I hope so @Not Bogan.

  23. AdGrunt
    9 Aug 12
    1:43 pm

  24. I thought they were funny

  25. Elbogrease
    9 Aug 12
    8:46 pm

  26. @Not Bogan, sorry there my honor. So silly of me to have my own sense of humour.
    It’s good to know my betters are looking out for what they consider to be right and proper for me and my “native” brethren.
    It’s goofs like you that cry racism that give me the walkabouts.

  27. Daniel
    10 Aug 12
    10:12 am

  28. Yet, they still have a page that calls to “Kill IsraeL’ and “Kill All Jews”.

  29. Not Bogan
    10 Aug 12
    3:39 pm

  30. @Elbogrease

    Thanks for bleating Elbogrease. Ignorance is bliss and all that, so I do wonder why you appear so agitated?

    “Goof” Are you from the US or do you just watch loads of American sitcom’s? I have nothing against the US, nor it’s good people. The native folk of the US, sadly have their own problems also.

    It would appear that you live in Smallville Elbogrease. Do you own a hay stick by any chance?