CPA scores Neil Armstrong interview for branded show The Bottom Line

Accounting body CPA has released the latest in its series of branded show evoTV’s The Bottom Line with a rare interview with astronaut Neil Armstrong.

The show, titled An Audience with Neil Armstrong, can be viewed on CPA’s website.

“We wanted someone who epitomised leadership, and we found out that Neil Armstrong’s father is an auditor. So it’s a great fit,” said Vanessa Stoykov, CEO of show producer Evolution Media Group, which has a stake in the show.

The Neil Armstrong interview was secured via the CEO of CPA Alex Malley, who hosts the show.

EvoTV’s The Bottom Line is being promoted by emailing CPA’s database, advertising and social media.

Past guests on the show have included Mark Bouris, Lyndsay Tanner, Bruce Mann, Carla Zampatti and John Eales.

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