Craig McLachlan cast in new ABC series

Craig McLachlan has been announced as the lead in a new ABC period crime series.

The ten-part series, The Dr Blake Mysteries will see McLachlan play Dr Lucien Blake, GP and police surgeon to Ballarat in 1959.

The series is produced by Tony Wright and George Adams of December Media. Wright is executive producer alongside the ABC’s Christopher Gist.

Wright said: “George Adams and I are both lifelong aficionados of the murder mystery genre in all its forms. It’s beyond exciting to be producing our own for the ABC.”

Carole Sklan, ABC’s head of fiction said: “December Media have created the brilliant, irreverent Dr Blake, and assembled an outstanding cast and creative team. Through the eyes of the maverick doctor, the series captures 1959 Australia on the cusp of change.”

Set in Ballarat, in rural Victoria, Dr Blake finds himself investigating deaths both natural and unnatural, with housekeeper/receoptionist Jean alongside to keep him in check.

Shooting begins Monday 16 April, until August.

Nadine Garner of Tangle and Playschool has been cast as Jean. Joining McLachlan and Garner is Joel Tobeck of Sons of Anarchy, Rick Donald of Underbelly and Cate Wolfe of Australia on Trial.


  1. Anonymous
    10 Apr 12
    11:38 am

  2. What’s up with ABC and its crime dramas? How about a change of genre once in a while?

  3. Yesterday's News
    10 Apr 12
    12:45 pm

  4. This is excellent news! Crime is probably one of the most interesting genres…more, more!

  5. Tatyana Kovalyov
    10 Apr 12
    2:22 pm

  6. If the dialogue is anywhere near as sharp as MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERYS, I’ll be there when it goes to air. The attention to detail – costume and environment is part of the thrill in watching these period pieces. And what a delight it is to endulge in some intelligent viewing not found on the commercial channels of 7,9 and 10, currently drowning in reality shows, Americanism and dull local sitcoms.