Dee Madigan to make ads for the Labor campaign

Dee MadiganSolo creative and Gruen Planet contributor Dee Madigan has signed on to produce advertising creative for the Australian Labor Party ahead of the September 2013 Federal Election.

Madigan, who runs her own consultancy Madigan Communications, follows in the footsteps of other advertising identities such as John Singleton and more recently Neil Lawrence, who created the famous Kevin 07 campaign, in working on the high-profile account.

Encore understands she will be working through Essential Media Communications, who produced the industrial relations Work Choices campaign in 2007.

“I can say that I am doing it,” Madigan told Encore. “But I don’t talk about my clients and there are a whole lot of reasons for that.”

Encore understands advertising creative for the Coalition’s 2013 election campaign is once again being produced in-house and will be led by party director Brian Loughnane. Long-time Liberal ad man Mark Pearson is also tipped to be working on the account.

1.30pm update: In April, the AFR’s Rear Window column suggested that former Telstra creative Mark Collis had been dropped from the account in favour of Madigan.

Nic Christensen

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  1. Johnno
    16 May 13
    11:23 am

  2. At first glance you’d think who’d want to be involved with this rabble. But I guess if you’re gonna go down, at least make it truly memorable… How about: “Labor – you think WE’RE bad…”

  3. Geordie
    16 May 13
    11:50 am

  4. This is for that thing on Gruen Planet where they “market the impossible right”? The Pitch?

  5. Mark Collis?
    16 May 13
    12:18 pm

  6. I read a PR statement on this blog a while ago saying Mark Collis had been picked for the Labour duty?

    What happened there?

  7. Tom
    16 May 13
    1:12 pm

  8. If she pulls it off (a Labor win) she deserves next year’s Grand Effie without even having to write an entry.

  9. sam
    16 May 13
    2:36 pm

  10. Keep it positive Dee, don’t let the competition drag you down to their level

  11. Blutack
    16 May 13
    3:34 pm

  12. Here’s the bones of your first ad Dee.


  13. Lucy
    16 May 13
    4:08 pm

  14. Go Dee! Please bring it home.

    16 May 13
    8:53 pm

  16. You can always call on Mark and Teddy if you are in a bind Dee.

  17. Mike
    17 May 13
    5:54 am

  18. It tells you everything you need to know about the ABC, and the people who produce its content.

  19. Randle McMurphy
    17 May 13
    8:27 am

  20. Yes Mike. It tells me you’re numbskull.

  21. an observation
    17 May 13
    10:13 am

  22. The Labor machine don’t believe they can win. But, they have to contest and George Wright is forming a small, low cost, manageable team to let him do that without breaking the bank. And to further assist the party in their cost management they will need to get the Labor Govt to do much of the campaign job for them. How? Simple. Expect to see at least a doubling of government advertising leading up to the election.

  23. Mike
    18 May 13
    9:30 pm

  24. Oh Randle.
    Having that name must make you angry at life, but do calm down!
    You and your luvvie friends have much more frothing-at-the-mouth do to before September. So pace yourself!