Deluxe acquires Omnilab Media brands

The Australian arm of international screen service company Deluxe has acquired a number of Omnilab Media’s key creative and media services.

The acquisition includes post houses Iloura, Digital Pictures, Cornerpost, Boffswana and PAX Entertainment to augment into Deluxe’s Australian services.

Omnilab Media will retain Ambience Entertainment, The Playroom, Dubsat, Adsend, The Substation and Oktobor Animation as well as continue to produce screen content.

For Deluxe, the acquisition means an expanded offering of visual effects, design and broadcast post production services in Sydney and Melbourne as well as a life-cycle library management, digital asset management, file-based mastering, archiving, DBD and Blu-ray authoring.

Alaric McAusland, MD of Deluxe Australia said: “As technologies continue to transform how our movie, TV and advertising customers create and distribute content, Deluxe is well positioned for whatever the future may bring. We are greatly looking forward to this talented group of people joining our terrific Deluxe team.”

Christopher Mapp, MD of Omnilab Media said: “We are very pleased that we have come to an agreement with Deluxe Australia that will see these great iconic businesses continue to flourish, and we look forward to our continuing relationship with Deluxe. We are very proud of our long legacy to the Australian Film, Television and Advertising Industries and look forward to an exciting future.”

Omnilab Media produced and financed recent films Gary McKendry’s The Killer Elite, Stuart Beattie’s Tomorrow, When the War Began and Sean Byrne’s The Loved Ones.

The deal is expected to close at the end of August. No moves or mergers have been announced with the aqcuisitions.


  1. Chris
    20 Aug 12
    4:32 pm

  2. It would be interesting to know if any of the effected companies are going to move in or out of 180 Bank Street.

  3. Colin Delaney
    20 Aug 12
    5:32 pm

  4. Hi Chris

    At the moment, all companies are staying put, with no mergers announced either.

    – Encore/Mumbrella

  5. 12121
    20 Aug 12
    6:34 pm

  6. What a great result for the Australian Industry, this brings together the Creative Teams that have made some Award winning Vfx Commercials and Films such as Ted, with some of the world best artist.

    This should be a big win for Victoria as it will draw in more international work through Deluxes subsidiaries.

  7. Abel Tasman
    20 Aug 12
    6:38 pm

  8. Yes, at the moment, but we all know what happens with these mergers.
    Rumours have been around the industry for at least 6 months that this was going to happen.

  9. Anthony
    21 Aug 12
    2:49 am

  10. Speaking of Tomorrow When The War Began… I wonder what will happen to this supposed sequel? Last I heard was that a script was being produced for it.

  11. 12121
    21 Aug 12
    10:45 am

  12. Hey Able… True, key people could leave and setup up smaller more boutiquee type shops, teams don’t gel ……

    My guess is that all will be fine.

  13. Australian post guy
    3 Sep 12
    10:40 pm

  14. This is hardly a ‘great result’. Tying up more than half of Australia’s post production resources into one company is only going to reduce competition. I’m surprised that this doesn’t trigger anti-competition measures. It’s a sad day.