Do not listen to this ad

Dr Mumbo has a word of warning. Do not play this radio ad.

Seriously, do not play it.

It will worm its way into your consciousness in a most unpleasant way. There will be no more room in your brain for other melodies for days to come.


Don’t say you weren’t warned.

And they said the jingle was dead. In the future, if you want a painfully memorable mnemonic , then Abe’s Audio is the guilty party…

(For some curious reason, Dr Mumbo now has a compelling urge to go to Hydro Golf and Putt Putt.)


  1. Carl Croom
    29 Nov 12
    6:15 am

  2. OH crap, crap, now it’s stuck, stuck.

  3. Jacqui
    29 Nov 12
    9:10 am

  4. Never getting it out of my head again

  5. PK from ATN
    29 Nov 12
    1:42 pm

  6. Brilliant! love it…
    made me want to know more so googled them, just a bummer they are not in SA as would have supported them on that ad alone/

    big fan of a succinct ad

    cheers pk

  7. GC
    29 Nov 12
    1:47 pm

  8. need to strut.

  9. NJK
    29 Nov 12
    1:50 pm

  10. Here – listen to this and it will get it out of your head, guaranteed:

  11. Black toothed grin
    29 Nov 12
    2:01 pm

  12. That’s not melodic or catchy, just fucking annoying.

  13. Chris
    29 Nov 12
    6:49 pm

  14. That’s awesome.

  15. Abe
    30 Nov 12
    9:30 am

  16. NJK – Funniest funeral ad I’ve seen. Only in America :)

  17. Bob
    1 Dec 12
    9:43 pm

  18. Great – i bet their business does well? Who created it? An agency, radio station??

    If i was spending my own money, I would have a jingle

  19. Abe
    2 Dec 12
    2:12 pm

  20. Hi Bob. It was created by my production company, Abe’s Audio. The brief was for an inherently catchy, almost ‘annoying’ jingle that would cut through. I think this met the brief :)

  21. nehadk
    3 Dec 12
    4:18 pm

  22. Reminds me of those early Youtube videos that were so annoying they were funny.

  23. Richard Moss
    3 Dec 12
    5:14 pm

  24. Someone’s mum just doesn’t know what someone’s mum really ought to know. That you “Take Vincent’s with confidence for quick three way relief?” No, that to economise, deodorise, clean your dentures with Kemdex? No.

    Look, even your best friends won’t tell you, but one thing is for sure. You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with…..Pepsodent.

    I remember a beauty from my childhood, it was for turkey flavoured crackers, and featured a southern USA voice calling a square dance.

    “Grab yer partners swing em aroun, turkey snippets have hit the town, a bran new Bycroft biscuit treat, turkey snippets real good to eat” yum para dar dum… yum pum

  25. MadMax
    6 Dec 12
    9:27 am

  26. Jing sells, Jingle sells, jingle all the way.

  27. Kernil
    6 Dec 12
    2:47 pm

  28. Damn you Mumbrella

  29. Alexandra Coroian
    6 Dec 12
    10:11 pm

  30. It’s on