Dr Who delivers online ratings record for ABC

Doctor WhoThe ABC’s early online screening of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who delivered the broadcaster with the largest number of daily views ever achieved on iview.

The episode – available hours after being aired in the UK and more than six days before being broadcast on ABC1 – received 75,900 plays, the ABC said.

Further episodes of the series will also be available on iview at 5.10am on Sundays after being aired by the BBC in the UK.

Each episode will also screen Saturdays at 7.30pm on ABC1, and be repeated on Tuesdays at 9.30pm on ABC2.


  1. Bob
    3 Sep 12
    11:54 am

  2. Probably more than 75,900 ‘plays’ if you take iview-napper, python-iview etc. into account.

  3. Raff
    3 Sep 12
    1:10 pm

  4. It takes our public broadcaster to finally give the people what they want – access to the shows we love at the same time as overseas fans do. This means no more having to worry about stumbling across spoilers on blogs or Twitter.
    I’d have normally downloaded this ep from the UK, but didn’t need to with iView. Thank you ABC! The age of truly globalised entertainment is upon us.

  5. John Grono
    3 Sep 12
    2:21 pm

  6. An impressive debut. Around about the average Doctor Who audience on ABC3 this year. Well done ABC. Any more deals in the pipeline?

  7. Lisa
    3 Sep 12
    2:47 pm

  8. Agree. Would have watched it on a different site, if not available on iview. Thank you ABC. NO need to worry about spoilers, or having to stay at home on Saturday night . Ps does ABC think doctor who fans don’t go out on Saturday nights?

    InI any case, I can’t wait till Saturday! Waited months for this. :)

  9. Cameron
    3 Sep 12
    4:19 pm

  10. Really happy the ABC did this. SMART programming.

  11. Anon
    3 Sep 12
    8:35 pm

  12. Still downloaded it. Better quality, hopefully when the NBN is rolled out the ABC and other networks will stream at 720p minimum.

  13. Agree with Anon
    5 Sep 12
    9:38 am

  14. Yeah, I started watching it on iView whilst downloading a better copy. It’s great that they are offering it, and i’d intended to watch it all on iView, but the quality was not great. I’ve read something about it being millions of dollars (which they don’t have) in bandwidth for them to start streaming 720p, but i’d gladly pay a few dollars to stream a better quality copy.

  15. Decima
    9 Sep 12
    8:41 pm

  16. If Aunty really wants to kill off downloads, all they have to do is screen the show on Sunday nights. Fans will watch. Delaying it a week for absolutely no good reason is just stupid.