Drop it like it’s…synergistic

Dr Mumbo wonders whether there’s ever been a better integration of product and personality than this little number. Snoop and Hot Pockets, together at last…

And that’s what they call branded entertainment…


  1. Nate
    7 Nov 12
    11:23 am

  2. Awesome work!

  3. bill
    7 Nov 12
    12:23 pm

  4. SNOOP may have sold out, but he aint selling ME anything with that piece of crap. Worst add in years.

  5. Neocube Champ
    7 Nov 12
    12:58 pm

  6. Not sure you could accuse Snoop of ‘selling out’ as such – he’s always been happy to make a dollar and never claimed to be the bastion of integrity…

  7. Adam Hodge
    8 Nov 12
    9:23 am

  8. Glad you liked it Dr Mumbo.

    Our LA based Talent Acquisition division were responsible for securing Snoop and the others celebrities in the campaign: DeStorm Powers, comedians Andy Milonakis and Judah Friedlander and WWE star Brodus Clay.

    The feedback we got from the LA team and client was that a big part of the success of the video was the chemistry of this crew (save for Judah who did his piece separately later). Snoop and Andy both provided valuable collaborative input on the revised lyrics together. Brodus and Snoop have known each other a long time and got on well and DeStorm was dedicated on set until the late hour wrap.

    Not only was there synergy between the talent and the brand, but this was a great example of the importance of inter-personality chemistry making the final product even better. You just can’t fake that!

  9. Buddy Forme
    8 Nov 12
    3:56 pm

  10. At least it won’t be parodied, as it is already too bad to parody.

    take a look in the mirror Snoop-y. Is this the person you wanted to be?

  11. Rock 'n Rolls
    12 Nov 12
    2:20 pm

  12. Same product… same company… different name…. preferred the original campaign!