‘eHarmony for brands’ consultancy launches

A consultancy that matches brands in the same way that eHarmony matches people has launched.

Called Brand Dating, the new venture uses an algorithm that finds similaries between a brand’s ambitions and attributes to help them find the right brand to partner.

The service costs $4,000 a year to use, with users guaranteed four matches per year. The site offers a free online brand personality test as an introductory offer.

“It’s like eHarmony for brands,” explained founder John Gamvros, who says 50 brands have signed up for the service. “The more members join, the more powerful it gets, and we expect 100 to have joined within the next few weeks.”

The venture is backed by a team from Stoke Agency, which was behind deals between Condé Nast and The Princes Trust, and Diet Coke and Karl Lagerfeld in the UK.


  1. anon
    4 Nov 11
    1:07 pm

  2. God forbid anyone should be forced to use their brain…

  3. Brand Girl
    4 Nov 11
    2:26 pm

  4. What the…?

  5. SL
    4 Nov 11
    2:43 pm

  6. $1000 for a match? Sounds like networking for the rich and lazy…
    I spend less on attending functions and get more than 4 matches a year…

    Is it really that hard to find other brands that would compliment your brands ambitions and attributes?

  7. Simon
    7 Nov 11
    12:27 pm

  8. If it is half as successful as eHarmony they will be doing well.

  9. Ben Gotto Smith
    7 Nov 11
    2:44 pm

  10. Thanks SL. Our premise is matches based on science and strategy, rather than convenience. Our services are equivalent to you being seated at those functions with just brands that have been strategically selected to complement your own, based on your brief. In dating terms its the difference between signing up to eHarmony versus going to a B&S Ball.