Fairfax execs go on Indian pilgrimage

Dr Mumbo hears that Fairfax’s director of news Darren Goodsir and national presentation editor Matt Martel are currently on a sojourn to India.

Could Fairfax be looking to the Indian subcontinent, a place known for its outsourcing expertise, as a replacement for Australian subbing hub Pagemasters?

Remember, it was only last year that there were reports the company wanted to send a message to Pagemasters that it had other options.

Fairfax has reassured Dr Mumbo that this isn’t the case.

A spokesman for the publisher told Dr Mumbo: “We are looking at how publishers use Adobe, the provider of the content management system for The SMH and The Age.”

Good to clear that up…

The visit comes also less than a week after Fairfax launched Fairfax Production Service a new unit designed to centralise the company’s production across advertising, pre-press and editorial.

The spokesman also told Dr Mumbo that the new unit was the result of the recent Fairfax restructure. “Following the recent organisation structure changes, Fairfax Production Services was set up to ensure Fairfax’s production-related activities are coordinated and consistent wherever possible,” said the spokesman.


  1. Andrew Duffy
    23 May 13
    2:21 pm

  2. Surely they’ll be looking into subs while they’re over there. Some large publishing houses have already made the switch

  3. Jezza
    27 May 13
    10:39 am

  4. They sure need help. Saturday before last, the Age Crosswords were a repeat of a few weeks earlier. They acknowledged the error last Saturday and published solutions for two sets of puzzles – but none were for the puzzles from the previous week. They must have published solutions for puzzles that never ran. It justified my decision to cancel my subscription.