Family Feud to launch on Ten in a fortnight

Ten has announced an air date for Family Feud.

The Grant Denyer-hosted gameshow – which will air every weeknight at 6pm – will begin in just over a fortnight, on Monday July 14.

Grant Denyer On Family Feud Set


Denyer was previously weather presenter on Seven’s Sunrise and briefly hosted the network’s Million Dollar Minute.

The 37-year-old show’s recommission – it first aired in Australia in 1977 – was announced by Ten three weeks ago. It will be produced by Fremantle Media.

Although the 6pm slot is a vital one for Ten kicking off the network’s daily primetime schedule, it will not have to deliver much of an audience to improve on current ratings. The 6pm timeslot is currently filled with Modern Family repeats. Last night’s episode rated a metro audience of just 378,000 – less than a third of the 1.3m viwers watching both Nine News and Seven News at the same time.

Earlier this year Denyer addressed claims about his health and personal life.


  1. Billy C
    25 Jun 14
    6:10 pm

  2. July 15 will be a good day to buy Channel 10 shares.

  3. Aussie Austridge
    25 Jun 14
    7:37 pm

  4. Bert’s Family Feud on Nine in 2006 – the show WIN refused to relay, instead showing repeats of The Brady Bunch. Does Southern Cross have access to old episodes of It’s A Knockout?

  5. Mark
    25 Jun 14
    8:13 pm

  6. I’m still getting my head around the absurd hiring of Grant Denyer. Who next to be head hunted by Ch 10, Matthew Newton???…

  7. nick bartlett
    26 Jun 14
    8:15 am

  8. Only two months ago I would have thought the headline “Family Feud to launch on Ten in a fortnight” would have been a joke.
    It is still a little funny though.

  9. Elbogrease
    26 Jun 14
    11:09 am

  10. In six weeks Ten will bring to us a brand new show called Perfect Match.

  11. smiffy
    26 Jun 14
    11:39 am

  12. It doesn’t matter what Ch10 do these days, they’ll either be shot down for trying something new, or shot down for recycling an older program….have a little faith.

    It always surprises me on an industry site like this just how many people can be so negative and wanting Ch10 to fail….and why???

  13. nick bartlett
    26 Jun 14
    1:16 pm

  14. Smiffy – I don’t want Channel Ten to fail. I am loving every second of Masterchef. I just want the rest of Ten’s schedule to also entertain me.
    Grant Denyer and a decades old format does not give me choice.
    It leaves me stuck on the Bio Channel with Judge Judy repeats at 6pm, until ABC news at 7.

  15. Mushrooms
    26 Jun 14
    2:10 pm

  16. Yay, i used to love that show!

  17. JJ
    26 Jun 14
    2:22 pm

  18. Think all you knockers will be quietly surprised.
    Clearly your all in the industry granted your subbed to mumbrella so get off slamming Ten and start being positive toward the industry that feeds your family.
    All your amateurish, snide and not so comedic comments are really getting boring.
    And NO i don’t work for Ten so FUCK OFF.

  19. Anonymous
    26 Jun 14
    2:22 pm

  20. I hope that people give the new Family a go instead of righting it off before it even airs.i intend giving the show for as long as it lass. Ten needs all the support it can get at at the moment.

  21. Bec
    26 Jun 14
    3:44 pm

  22. @smiffy

    seems they’ve been earmarked to fail, will make ’em much cheaper when x-media laws are changed and they’re turned into FoxLite

    2013 election didn’t come cheap

  23. Elbogrease
    27 Jun 14
    9:37 am

  24. JJ you have class. (Epic sarcasm)

  25. Phil
    27 Jun 14
    11:09 am

  26. Why not just run more old episodes of Modern Family out of order?

  27. Redmond Godfrey
    30 Jun 14
    10:35 am

  28. Another day another Joke .

    Once again – “DECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANIC ”

    Definition: To do something pointless or insignificant that will soon be overtaken by events, or that contributes nothing to the solution of a current problem.

    Redmond , Over and Out !

  29. Like Ole Blighty
    30 Jun 14
    1:14 pm

  30. Grant does have a certain similarity with epic UK ‘Family Fortunes’ (same as Family Feud) host Les Dennis. He seriously does!