Former News Limited exec Sue Klose joins Venture Consulting to develop digital practice

sue kloseA year after leaving News Limited, Sue Klose has been revealed as a partner at Venture Consulting with a brief to develop the organisation’s new digital practice.

Klose spent nearly three years at News Limited as director of corporate development followed by a two year stint as publisher of the company’s Carsguide.

Her appointment comes months after Venture Consulting hired Philip Alexander and Rob Antulov to push into the technology and media space.

Before working in Australia, Klose was the Tribune Company’s director of strategy for publishing, based in Chicago.

Klose said in a statement announcing her appointment: “I am excited to work with Venture in the area of digital strategy. As distinct from more tactically-focussed digital agencies, we advise companies from all sectors on a broad range of digital strategy challenges, from market attractiveness, product and customer segmentation strategies to operational effectiveness. I believe that both online pure plays and integrated offline companies could be making much more of their digital presence. Not only would their bottom line benefit, but more importantly, customers would receive a superior customer journey, which would increase their loyalty.”


  1. blaze
    6 Feb 13
    2:36 pm

  2. Everybody it seems is jumping on the digital bandwagon, no doubt to thought of prnt circulation’s decline in the the back of their minds: they see Newspapers advertising is dead — or at least a dinosaur in this day and age of the tablets;phonablets; or whatever new digital distribution device available that is forthcoming/

    You simply can’t compare print margins versus digital — it is a joke really and therefore print will surely not go away , it will weather this print-is-dead- fad; by reinventing itself with a portfolio approach to managing their print assets.

    Warren Buffet ( who continually outperforms the equity market) , is accumlating local/community papers — in fact last count 66. I think to outperform the market consistently – you don’t rely on short term trends or vision.

    It is like a watching a digitial circus.

    The question they all should be saying , after all that effort and exertion –where are the dollars ?