Gardening Australia set to relaunch for April issue

NewsLifeMedia’s Gardening Australia magazine is to be relaunched to bring it closer to the publication’s ABC1 namesake.

Publisher Nick Smith told Mumbrella the relaunch was a response to falling circulation and scheduled for April.

The gardening magazine dropped 14 per cent year on year in last week’s Audit Bureau of Circulation figures.

Gardening Australia’s figures dropped to 69,469 in the three months to December 2012 from 81,094 in the same period of 2011.

Smith said: “Gardening as a trend is a different beast now. It’s not just planting bulbs in the backyard, it’s the environment and the world around us.”

Smith said: “We have an ABC audience so we need to be telling them about the magazine.”

With a closer alignment with the show, the ABC presenters, including host Costa Georgiadis will be guest editors.

Previous editor Jennifer Stackhouse was made redundant in August. Claire Bradley, who was appointed editor of Inside Out in May, was made editor in chief across both titles.

Bradley said: “We’ve spent the last three months looking at an industry and pastime that is a changing space and a changing demographic. Costa has so much energy. We want to make sure our mag has the same new lease on life he gave the TV show. He brought a bigger picture take on gardening. His philosophy is that gardening is not just your back garden, it’s the bigger picture, what he calls the big garden, the environment.”


  1. S
    19 Feb 13
    10:32 pm

  2. Wonder if having Burke’s Backyard ceasing with it’s March 2013 issue will help?

  3. Bonita C
    20 Feb 13
    7:03 pm

  4. I am one person who has stopped buying the magazine. I can’t stand the human hedge promoting verge planting. That would be a council regulations matter IMO and would vary from place to place. The vegetables could be sprayed maliciously with poison and plants that are too high are a road safety concern. In Victoria BC plants are not allowed on the verge if they are higher than 15cms. Snake Alley I would say, those verges and dog’s peeing place!
    I occasionally watch the programme which we tape and then fast forward through Costa. There are not enough gloves and hats worn on the show for a nation of skin cancer victims. Tetanus is another factor. You never see a face mask to prevent Legionairres Disease from the spores in potting mix.