Gold Coast Tourism targets gay community

Gold Coast Tourism has aimed its ‘Famous for fun’ campaign at the gay and lesbian community.

The campaign, devised by Pink Media Group, includes the web destination, involves sponsorship of gay and lesbian events in Sydney and Melbourne, online advertising and radio ads on gay radio station JOY 94.9.

Ben Pole, director of communications and marketing services for Gold Coast Tourism said: “We have spent a few years now building the foundation of our gay and lesbian offering by assisting the local industry with accreditation, working with businesses to understand sector expectations, and building engagement through online channels.”

“Recently we integrated more specific gay and lesbian themes into the destination’s overarching Famous for fun positioning with some great local talent to show that the Gold Coast really is fun for everyone.”

Pink Media Group’s Ben Mulcahy added: “Organisations who welcome the gay and lesbian community in a strategic manner will be rewarded with pink dollars. With amazing beaches, restaurants, hotels and weather, the Gold Coast is a great holiday destination. “


  1. milo kerrigan
    6 Jul 12
    11:25 am

  2. Geez I hope it works since we need some cashed up “bums on seats” spending money here as opposed to the Tiger Thongs and TShirts and Takeaways brigade…however noticing the “Impressive package” visual, how far would that go if it was a female in that shot with enhanced features,.,,,you would be shouted down for Tacky, sexist advertising portraying the GC as a tawdry mecca and on Current Affair in 5 minutes…the hippocracy of it all!
    But maybe thats the plan???

  3. Ann
    6 Jul 12
    1:22 pm

  4. Interesting to see how ot goes.. Good luck

  5. Hmmmm...
    6 Jul 12
    1:46 pm

  6. Every second ad targeted at gay men is some lame visual gag or wordplay about schlongs.

    Does the gay community no favours really.

  7. David
    6 Jul 12
    1:49 pm

  8. Who is Ben Mulcahy? Why is his Pink Media Group, whoever they are, telling companies that all you need to do is stick a crotch on something and the gays will come running to spend their money? If you believe the stereotypes, gays are highly sophisticated consumers, and expect more than just crotch shots.
    Firstly, I am more than just a sexuality, and I find it insulting that THAT is what you think I think about ALL THE TIME. Secondly, if you’re going to put a crotch in my face, at least make it an attractive one!

  9. Ben Mulcahy
    6 Jul 12
    2:34 pm

  10. Hello David, thanks for sharing your thoughts, totally agree. The crotch image is not part of this campaign. The magazine images shown above are the creative we are using.

  11. Courtney
    6 Jul 12
    2:38 pm

  12. Seriously? “Check out our impressive packages”? C’mon guys!

    As someone who is gay that works in advertising, creative like this just perpetuates the gay stereotype. No wonder we aren’t allowed to get married when the general public think we’re obsessed with our nether regions and hedonistic pleasures.

    I cringe every time I see another “gay” ad that has visuals of disco balls, nakedness and/or the colour pink.

    Target us by creating a decent ad that is intelligent and open minded. That is all.

  13. Mark
    6 Jul 12
    2:46 pm

  14. Courtney, did you see the other (Famous for Fun) creative that they are actually using in the campaign? I think it looks really good. No pink, disco balls or nakedness. Isn’t that what you were wanting?

  15. Dave
    6 Jul 12
    3:09 pm

  16. Seems that the article has slightly misrepresented what is actually happening here.

    if you look closely, the campaign has nothing to do with a crotch or checking out impressive packages. It’s about targeting the pink dollar and having creative that resonates with the gay community. The two images with the tagline “Gold Coast, Famous for fun” are the images in the campaign and have nothing to do with the image at the top, sexualisation, or negative stereotypes.

    The images in the campaign actually look pretty normal to me. Which is what we want right? People to be treated normally?

  17. Goodone
    6 Jul 12
    3:49 pm

  18. I’m not even gay and this appeals to me! I mean there’s all these georgous girls and no blokes to compete with!….wait a minute…

  19. milo kerrigan
    6 Jul 12
    4:00 pm

  20. I guess the lead shot said it all…….and the presumptions followed on…how surprising???!

    So where did the big fella(another presumption) photo come in…like, why is it there?

    Bearing in mind the millions blown…(i know) on previous crass GC Tourism Advertising, nothing would surprise us.Lets hope it works and some of the punters dont just come here for the “Amazing etc etc”…as amazing as Perths and Sydneys and Byrons…..but decide to move up here, set up Businesses and spend an ongoing buck here…god knows, we need the Culture.
    (at least Chopper has us on his Farewell Tour)

  21. Hoin
    6 Jul 12
    4:52 pm

  22. Oh dear. Gold Coast Tourism targeting the gay community at the same time the Qld government repealed the gay marriage laws and refused to repeal the homosexual advance legal defence. As you might imagine, the Sunshine State isn’t exactly the flavour of the month among the queer community right now.

  23. Billie
    6 Jul 12
    6:13 pm

  24. I like the ads, the tone, and sentiment. Mumbrella what’s with the crotch shot – if Ben says it’s not part of the campaign but you have led with it?

  25. CeeJay
    6 Jul 12
    7:03 pm

  26. Not the best timed campaign, given how the Qld government has made it abundantly clear in the past few weeks how little it values gay people and their relationships. The #1 g&l honeymoon destination? As long as you’re not actually a Queenslander, apparently. Our planned trip to Qld has been cancelled and we’re heading to Tasmania instead.

  27. J
    6 Jul 12
    11:15 pm

  28. I for one, hate the expression “pink dollar”. Just another stereotype doing nothing to help the gay community. Why is everything needing to be friggin pink!?

  29. Sacha
    7 Jul 12
    5:29 pm

  30. Agree about stereotypical imagery and language. But the website looks nice – nothing awful. Hope it works.

  31. Bruno
    9 Jul 12
    4:41 pm

  32. This is the stupidest campaign ever! The website looks like it was designed over 10yrs ago. No sophisticated, it’s dull and misrepresenting of the GC. It will turn off the Gay Market immediately.. It looks like other gay travel websites, outdated and irrelevant.
    Secondly if you talking to DINKS or Single 25+ Gay guys which seems to be largely the target for GC Tourism for a while, this isn’t anything new, they’ve been doing these campaigns for a while..
    But these guys all like to go out clubbing, drinking and having a good time atleast one time on their holiday..It’s also what the GC is famous for… From memory there is only 1 gay club in the GC, there could possibly be 2 now but not a whole lot of offering in those departments… Then when you move on to dinners and nice places to go lunching etc… You have the uneducated, Neanderthal Australian’s who typically have holiday’d on the GC since the 80’s. They aren’t exactly the best mesh for the LGBT..
    At a recent b’day party on the GC for a gay friend b’day where 25 of us flew in for a few days. I couldn’t count the times or comments that were made…
    It’s all well and good to have us as a target market but at least educate your tourism operators and hospitality staff about acceptance and tolerance..
    I applaud GC for giving it ago and like all marketers yes the Gay Market is incredibly important now…. But you need to get your product offering right before you can start spending money on marketing it.
    Stick to families, beach goers!