Gravox Gravy launches ‘save a seagull’ campaign

Seagulls have become a threatened species – because people are denying them a diet of chips covered with new Gravox gravy, according to a new campaign by 303Lowe.

To promote the famous gravy brand’s ‘best ever’ chip gravy, the campaign invites people to help stem ‘this impending natural disaster’ by adopting a Seagull via the Gravox Gravy Save a Seagull Facebook page.

The campaign features TV personality Greg Evans, talking about the ‘chip famine’ facing sea gulls.

The campaign also features a series of poster executions, one featuring a look-alike of U2 singer Bono.

“This category is very competitive with a lot of similar work. We wanted to do something that was more engaging and unexpected, yet still allowed us to show the product in all its glory,” said Simon Langley, ECD at 303Lowe. “The unintended consequence of a great tasting chip gravy is a potential seagull famine, so the responsible thing to do was create the Save Our Seagull foundation to help avert this tragedy”.


  1. PeteyPie
    14 Aug 12
    9:52 am

  2. What a pathetic attempt at media coverage. I would be embarrassed to work for them

  3. person x
    14 Aug 12
    10:30 am

  4. You can just see the creative department all having a good laugh at their own ‘joke’ in the read through.

    Dismal contrivance.

  5. WD
    14 Aug 12
    10:49 am

  6. It’s social media’s fault we’re getting these crap ads.

  7. Doesn't make sense
    14 Aug 12
    11:06 am

  8. Shit campaign, doesn’t make sense.

    In the context of the idea, doesn’t the gravy deprive the seagulls of chips? In which case, WTF are you doing to save them??

    You would have been better off doing a retail campaign where you stuck a sachet of the shit onto every bag of McCain fries. At least then people would notice it and it would be relevant.

    Obviously at 303Lowe the good ideas are hard to hear over the sound of everyone slapping each other on the back.

  9. Doesn't make sense
    14 Aug 12
    11:09 am

  10. Okay I’ve just been bothered to watch the video as well.

    Lord help us. Greg Evans with some ‘perfect match’ puns thrown in.


  11. Angus
    14 Aug 12
    12:53 pm

  12. Look, I actually like the concept but the TV is appalling and it didn’t need the U2 gag in the print.

  13. Bo Selecta
    14 Aug 12
    1:45 pm

  14. My opinion:
    People don’t generally have much empathy for seagulls in the scheme of birdlife. They are more an annoyance, swooping to eat your chips, crapping fishy matter on your white T-Shirt, so the adopt angle doesn’t really work for me.
    A better angle would be a Hitchcockean Birds feel where when people eat the chips with gravy, it attracts the birds. Think shark/bird cage required to eat them at the seaside.

    The Facebook link is not working.

  15. Ms Redpen
    14 Aug 12
    1:51 pm

  16. Ironically, denying seagulls chips would be doing them a helluva favour: ‘SEAGULLS gorging themselves on greasy junk food in Hobart are so fat it is affecting their reproduction.’ Read more:

  17. RB
    14 Aug 12
    2:18 pm

  18. absolutely appalling.
    A seagull, or any other bird needs protein to survive. If humans feed them, then they do not have enough natural protein to grow new feathers and they will die.
    No wild animal should be fed.period.
    This campaign show kids that is is ok to kill wild animals. Why didn’t they go the whole hog and use possums, kangaroos and emus as well?

  19. archie
    14 Aug 12
    2:23 pm

  20. copywriting on print is godawful
    Evans ought to be ashamed – talk about relevance deprivation syndrome
    i have sympathy for the challenge but there’s no insight to which a consumer can relate as we all hate seagulls and the execution is clunky

  21. James H
    14 Aug 12
    2:59 pm

  22. Wow, what a surprise a creative agency being too creative that the whole point of advertising doesn’t come through. How are they going to sell more gravy out of this ad? Grow some balls McCain client and say this is rubbish, give me a concept that is driven from an insight that will see my product shift off the shelf and not try and put and award on the shelf of 303Lowe. Both sides read Advertising for Dummies before the next brief.

  23. WTF?
    14 Aug 12
    2:59 pm

  24. Since when did Australians eat chips with gravy?

  25. Tom
    14 Aug 12
    4:03 pm

  26. As laboured as digging a ditch and as funny as cancer… Which work experience kid wrote this pile of seagull droppings??

  27. Serious?
    14 Aug 12
    4:40 pm

  28. Greg Evans? A fake seagull with a noose around it’s neck being dragged down a beach? Three chips on a plate framed by silverware? Show me the person that uses white china and a knife and fork for chips with gravy. Poor execution of an average concept.
    I expected more from 303Lowe.

  29. rob
    14 Aug 12
    5:00 pm

  30. where was the “seagull manager” BEFORE this campaign got out – you know the guy who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, then leaves.

    might have saved us all the grief.

  31. James H
    14 Aug 12
    5:22 pm

  32. whats wrong Tom, did someone break another creative heart with the truth?

  33. R
    14 Aug 12
    5:38 pm

  34. Man, thats a real turkey of an idea.

  35. swap it
    14 Aug 12
    5:56 pm

  36. Greg Evans would have been better off if the seagulls nabbed his hot chips methinks…..

  37. Turkey
    14 Aug 12
    6:11 pm

  38. Dumb, Dumb if thisd is the state of creativity in Australia today I want out.

  39. Huh?
    14 Aug 12
    11:10 pm

  40. This is terrible. Really terrible. Really, really terrible. And the client paid for it?

  41. Tom
    15 Aug 12
    8:24 am

  42. @James H 5.22pm “whats wrong Tom, did someone break another creative heart with the truth?”… This comment makes about as much sense as the ad… wait a minute…did you write it Jim?