Greenpeace launches confronting print campaign on back of court case

Greenpeace Stopthewaste adIn the wake of Coca-Cola’s victory in the Northern Territory, over the territory’s ‘cash for containers’ scheme, Greenpeace will tomorrow launch a confronting print advertising campaign across Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald and The Age titles.

The advertisement shows a flesh-footed Shearwater from Lord Howe Island, which starved to death because its stomach was full of plastic waste it had mistaken for food.

Greenpeace Campaigner Reece Turner said the aim of the campaign was to pressure governments on a federal and state level to implement a national ‘cash for containers’ scheme.

Earlier this week Coca-Cola Amatil won a case which may lead to the dismantling of a Northern Territory recycling scheme after the Federal court found the scheme was invalid.

Greenpeace says the campaign has already been producing results for them. “On the day we launched the campaign Greenpeace Australia received the highest traffic ever on the campaign’s website,” said Turner.

The ad was created by Chia Ming Cheng of C-M Design and the ad space was paid for via crowd-funding.

Campaign credits: Designer Chia Ming Cheng, C-M Design.

Nic Christensen 

Greenpeace Stopthewaste ad


  1. AdGrunt
    6 Mar 13
    1:34 pm

  2. Ah, Reece.

    Back to high-impact visuals.

    1. Does CDL demonstrably work?

    2. Is it the most cost-effective option?

    3. Will it be implemented in all states unilaterally?

    Anything less than three supportable yes answers, and you’re pot-banging. Again.

    ps – Any update on the effectiveness of your local Orang Utan skits on the Sumatran jungle, logging and illegal tiger hunting?

  3. Anonymous
    6 Mar 13
    4:44 pm

  4. While I admire the sentiment they’ve lifted that imagery straight out of national geographic. One of their greatest photos ever (according to them, it’s in their app) is an almost identical shot of a dead sea bird on white background with the plastic contents of its stomach arrayed around it. I hope the original photographer gets credit.

  5. Think about it
    7 Mar 13
    9:23 am

  6. And what are you doing to help the environment, or at least get people thinking about it @AdGrunt?
    In the heaving, filthy masses of ad messages today promoting mindless consumption I’m glad Greenpeace have tried to get people to think about what happens to their waste. There is far to much disconnect between people and their impact on the environment.

  7. Anonymous
    7 Mar 13
    10:26 am

  8. Hey Reece at Greenpeace,

    FYI: I made a $100 donation in AdGrunt’s name last year.

    Coca-Cola are acting like a cigarette company when they take states to Court like this.

    Eat football, Sleep football, Drink diabetes, Leave rubbish on the beach.