Grown-ups launches ‘good’ ad for Jalna

Sydney agency Grown-ups is behind a new campaign for yoghourt brand Jalna.

The campaign promotes the goodness in Jalna’s new proheart range.

The product, which carries the slogan ‘A little pot of purity’, actively lowers cholesterol absorption, according to a press release.

As well as TV, magazines, online and a new proheart section on it’s website will run in support.

Grown-ups launched in March this year, and this is the second campaign for Jalna by the fledgling agency.


  1. Con
    31 Oct 12
    2:00 pm

  2. That ad is so irritating it’s not even funny.

  3. Larry
    31 Oct 12
    2:36 pm

  4. The message is a good one, however it fails to get through the nauseating dialogue in any way, shape or form. Try again.

  5. Wayne
    31 Oct 12
    3:07 pm

  6. To be fair, it’s hard to make lowering cholesterol absorption utterly riveting. I thought it was a good job, considering the tough ask… (And the female actor looked too attractive for the male actor. That put me off a bit.)