Hadley accepts ACMA ruling but takes aim at complainant Wayne Swan

Ray HadleyRadio 2GB Mornings presenter Ray Hadley said that he has no choice but to accept a censure by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, and has instead taken aim at the complainant former treasurer Wayne Swan.

The radio station fell foul of the media watchdog over Hadley’s airing of an inaccurate story from the Daily Telegraph from last year which claimed that school children visiting Parliament would no longer be given snacks because of budget cuts.

According to a finding published yesterday by media watchdog the Australian Communications and Media Authority, the Sydney talk station breached the codes of practice for commercial radio with its failure to correct the story, as well as the original broadcast.

In his morning show, this morning Hadley told his audience: “At the end of the day you can argue… but it won’t change anything. You see I just have to simply accept their findings, I don’t think they’re correct, but there’s no point in arguing with the refs, they’re the ones with the whistle.”

“Through life you can’t win in an argument with the arbiter, with the referee and I can’t win in a battle with the Australian Communications and Media Authority despite the fact that I think I’m right,” he said.

Hadley did not say whether the station would issue an on-air correction. However, in accepting the findings, Hadley explained ACMA had found against him in relation to a broadcast after a complaint from the former deputy prime minister Wayne Swan.

“Yesterday the organisation that regulates electronic media – radio and TV in Australia – the Australian Communication and Media Association found against me in relation to a broadcast after a complaint from the then deputy prime minister Wayne Swan. Let me say, I would have been astounded if ACMA had found otherwise,” he said.

The controversial shock jock also explained ACMA found Macquarie Radio breached two of three complaints via his Morning show, but asserted that Macquarie Radio do not believe any breaches were made.

Leaving ACMA out of the matter, Hadley proceeded to take aim at the complainant  Wayne Swan: “The deputy PM whinged and I’m found guilty. Let’s leave ACMA out of it and document uncorrected matters at the feat of the former treasurer, the complainant in this particular case, let’s go to his uncorrected matters.”

Miranda Ward



  1. Mike
    3 Oct 13
    12:37 pm

  2. What part of this don’t the Nanny State ninnies understand?

    2GB is a privately owned organisation. It pays a premium price for spectrum usage, therefore has the right to use that spectrum as they see fit.
    Its hosts air their opinions. If you don’t like their opinions, don’t listen.

    Who the hell is ACMA to determine what’s said or not said? And to issue sanctions?!

    ACMA was never elected, nor chosen by the people. They’re political appointees, leeching on the public purse, attempting a lame version of Stalin’s Commissar of Culture, Andrei Zhdanov, whose world view of culture resulted in persecution opinionated artists and commentators all the way into the gulags. Enough. It’s time to reclaim freedom of opinion and speech, even where we don’t like what’s being said.

  3. Sylvia Bennett
    3 Oct 13
    1:48 pm

  4. Mike, I think you’ll find that Hadley presented this as the truth – even after it had been pointed out to him that it wasn’t.
    Your neo-conservative rant suggests that you don’t believe a journalist has any commitment to being truthful when presenting facts.
    It’s not about bias or opinions, it’s about mis-representing facts.

  5. Red Bean
    3 Oct 13
    2:00 pm

  6. I love the Free Speech brigade, most of whom seem to be paranoid McCarthyists straight from the 60s. None of em have figured out that “free speech” doesn’t include freedom to make shit up. Your mate didn’t broadcast an opionion, he made up his own facts.

  7. Brenda B
    3 Oct 13
    2:00 pm

  8. So, if it’s ‘privately owned’ it’s fine for it to spread lies? Clearly this hasn’t been thought through!

  9. Finn
    3 Oct 13
    2:08 pm

  10. Ah, yes, the obligatory Stalin reference. It seems that whenever the loudmouths on radio or the Murdoch press are called out on their repeated lies and distortions, the spectre of a long-dead Soviet dictator must, inevitably, be raised. Like the dull swing of a metronome.

    Let’s make this simple for you Mike. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But you aren’t entitled to your own facts. If you get it wrong, then you should admit it. Otherwise the public suffer from being ill-informed and manipulated by vested interests, as happens all too often by the cartels that run Australia.

  11. Dan
    3 Oct 13
    2:27 pm

  12. To Mike (I wonder if this is Michael Smith, ex 2GB); use of the spectrum, regardless of how much 2GB or anyone else pays, comes with conditions. Hadley breached the conditions. Which part of that situation don’t you understand?

  13. Garry Wilson
    3 Oct 13
    10:22 pm

  14. Weasel words Ray.
    You are much better than AJ. Don’t follow him

  15. John Grono
    3 Oct 13
    11:25 pm

  16. Way to go Mike!!

    Yeah probably the same Nanny State ninnies that make us all drive on the left-hand side of the road and stop at red lights.

    It’s a latter day concept called society, and the idea is that you fit in with the norms – clearly an alien idea. to your ilk.

  17. fitter
    4 Oct 13
    10:47 am

  18. Mike Mike. There’s a slight difference between freedom of speech and spreading misinformation and lies. You and your pals hadley, jones bolt etc can pollute the airwaves with your right wing flat earth neo con racist war mongering hate filled rants all you like. But its opinion, the dirty air that flows out of 2GB can rarely be qualified as fact, as rightly pointed out by ACMA.

  19. Lindsay.
    4 Oct 13
    2:27 pm

  20. It is amazing how many right wing nutters fail to understand the difference between a fact and an opinion. Facts are not wrong but opinions often are. Hadley often expresses opinions and claims them to be fact. If someone from the left was as wrong as often as he is, he would be jumping up and down demanding their head on a stick.

  21. Michael
    5 Oct 13
    9:30 am

  22. I hate it when I come across someone with the same name as me who is a complete moron.
    You made a dumb arse comment & got torn a new one by just about every one else who commented SIT DOWN & SHUT UP!!!!!!

  23. Fernando
    6 Oct 13
    3:58 pm

  24. Mike refer to the following – in particular 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3: