Hello nostalgia

Dr Mumbo was delighted to see that whoever was subbing page two of today’s Sydney Morning Herald appears to be a fan of Seinfeld, as demonstrated in its tale regarding the preselection of former Brisbane lord mayor Campbell Newman.  


  1. JBth
    4 Apr 11
    2:46 pm

  2. …or perhaps they just remember this tweet from Wil Anderson on 23 March:

    “I do hope the Brisbane Lord Mayor becomes leader of the LNP just so in parliament Anna Bligh can sneer and say: “Hello Newman” #brisdizzle Wednesday, 23 March 2011 6:02:51 PM via web

  3. Anon
    4 Apr 11
    6:09 pm

  4. What is this?

    Tim, you need to stop letting these amateur journos write under ‘Mumbo’ and ‘Opinion’

    They’re hurting Mumbrella’s brand

  5. mumbrella
    4 Apr 11
    7:01 pm

  6. Nope. All me, Anon… perhaps you’re not a Seinfeld fan….


    Tim – Mumbrella

  7. Sally
    5 Apr 11
    4:22 pm

  8. Jesus, Anon – lighten up!

  9. Anon
    5 Apr 11
    10:49 pm

  10. Sorry Tim, when you click on ‘Mumbo’ and scroll down the articles, this one claims to be “by Alice Terlikowsk”

    I assumed that meant she wrote the article

  11. mumbrella
    6 Apr 11
    6:03 am

  12. Hi Anon,

    On that occasion I wrote it, but had temporarily lost my network connection so we uploaded it from Alice’s machine. Usually the byline is accurate though.


    Tim – Mumbrella