How #askabc exploded into a meme

A marvelous meme is this afternoon exploding across Twitter, Dr Mumbo is delighted to report.

As regular readers will be aware, ABC News has launched an online investigation unit.  

And this week, it leapt into life on Twitter, inviting the public to let the organisation know what they want investigating.

Today, that caught the Twitterati’s imagination.

The comedy questions are coming in at a rate of several a minute, so do check out the #askabc hashtag. But here’s a selection…


Dear @abc_investigate, where did I come from?


dear @abc_investigate can you can find my keys?


Dear @abc_investigate, who do birds suddenly appear?


Dear @abc_investigate is there enough fibre in my diet


Dear @abc_investigate, swing it, shake it, move it, make it, who do you think you are? #askABC


Dear @abc_investigate, who you gonna call?


Dear @abc_investigate, who let the dogs out? Who? Who?


Dear @abc_investigate, since @KevinRuddPM’s interview last week, has ABC Enterprises considered building 7:30 Reportland?


Dear @abc_investigate have you seen my keys? I thought they were on the shelf but they’re not on the shelf. :(


Dear @abc_investigate This seemed like a good idea at the time didn’t it?

M-P catri

Dear @abc_investigate, I’ve been sick. Would it be unwise for me to go to a boozy opening night party tonight?


Dear @abc_investigate Why won’t MC Hammer let me touch anything?


Dear @abc_investigate, Does my bum look big in this?


Dear @abc_investigate, what if the hokey pokey IS what it’s all about?!!


Dear, @abc_investigate. Who started the First World War?


Dear @abc_investigate, does it matter if you’re black or white?


Dear @abc_investigate : What did we do for giggles before hashtag games?


Dear @abc_investigate, can i kick it?


Dear @abc_investigate. Why do I have so many single socks? Where do their friends go? Is there a portal in my washing machine?


Dear @abc_investigate I’m thinking of holidaying in 7.30 Report Land. What are the visa requirements?


Dear @abc_investigate, if birds can fly, why oh why can’t I?


Dear @abc_investigate, are you sure @wil_anderson and Adam Hills aren’t the same person?

Best of all, Dr Mumbo has a feeling that the ABC has a policy of answering every reader message. He looks forward to watching them try.

Update: The ABC_investigate Twitter profile has picked up nearly 1000 followers in the space of a few hours – surely an Australian record?


  1. dmcle
    18 May 10
    5:12 pm

  2. Hilarious, was following this all afternoon

  3. Brad
    18 May 10
    8:39 pm

  4. I would like to see some of the responses to these questions, especially to emmashotthispic regarding socks and a portal in the washing machine, I seem to have the same portal.

  5. Scott Fitzgerald
    18 May 10
    8:49 pm

  6. Brilliant. @abc_answers is beginning to answer some of the questions. One of the many ridiculous things I asked today, was what would be #askabc’s dream turducken?

    About an hour ago, I had an answer:

    “A pigeon in a chicken in a turkey in a sheep in a pig in a cow in a tofu-elephant.”

  7. Scott Fitzgerald
    18 May 10
    8:51 pm

  8. I should say someone “Not really ABC, but the closest you can get to it”