Ikea ad mocks Freedom Furniture’s delivery service

Ikea has launched an outdoor campaign to promote its newly opened store in Tempe that mocks the service offered by rival Freedom Furniture.

The agency behind the execution, which makes reference to Ikea’s same day delivery service, was The Monkeys.

Freedom Furniture marketing director Jenny Gulliver told Mumbrella: “We are surprised Ikea has referenced Freedom in their ad, as many of our sofas are available for express delivery – which means the product will be delivered at a suitable time for customers on the next available Freedom truck.”

She added: “In addition, all Freedom homeware products and a number of small furniture pieces are available at time of purchase. We are talking about a different category of product. Freedom prides itself on our vast range of quality pre-assembled, Australian-made sofas, many of which are available for express delivery.”


  1. Dave
    4 Nov 11
    2:18 pm

  2. Great response from Freedom.

  3. paul
    4 Nov 11
    2:42 pm

  4. Freedom must be really making a financial impact on Ikea if it has to resort to this sort of comparative advertising. UNusual to see them do this #notafan

  5. Ben
    4 Nov 11
    2:55 pm

  6. Freedom:1 Ikea:0

  7. Rob
    4 Nov 11
    2:56 pm

  8. …..in your car to assemble yourself. Not sure this is a point of differentiation IKEA should focus on. Looks like a clever line that’s been waiting around for an opportunity, not something that stacks up for IKEA to say.

  9. Dave The Happy Singer
    4 Nov 11
    2:59 pm

  10. No, you clueless dolts. Real freedom is ordering online, not trekking two hours across the city to do your warehouse work for you.

  11. Joey
    4 Nov 11
    3:41 pm

  12. My brother bought a TV unit from IKEA. It came with 32 pages of instructions on how to put it together and took nearly 2 hours to assemble…and he hired a capenter to do the job!

  13. Rob
    4 Nov 11
    3:59 pm

  14. @Joey

    Freedom’s response “real freedom is spending your leisure time using your furniture, not assembling it”

  15. Peter Rush
    4 Nov 11
    5:59 pm

  16. Freedom my arse! The new Ikea is a trap and the meatballs are the bait. As you sit out in the car-park waiting for the missus, the glass walls allow you to look up and see all the other blokes eating at the second level restaurant. Salivating you rush up the one way escalator to stuff your face(thinking you’ll get back to the car before the wife returns). But after you’ve eaten the girlie sized meatballs…….you have to walk the entire store “path” to get to the exit! There is no other way back! It’s obviously an animal trap they bought Bear Gryls in to design.

  17. Matthew Rawley
    4 Nov 11
    7:41 pm

  18. Great comments all round. Ill add that true Freedom comes when Ikea stop using Chinese slave labour and pay a fair amount of Tax rather than making their organisation more secretive than the Illuminati.

  19. Liz
    4 Nov 11
    9:51 pm

  20. Don’t think the copy is successful – when I read the boards pictured, I just think that I have to go there and lug it home myself and then spend half a day assembling it. No freedom in that! I don’t get anything from this about same day delivery.

  21. Liz
    4 Nov 11
    9:52 pm

  22. … and Peter – there ARE actually secret staff doors that jump you through to different parts of the Ikea maze. Look for them next time and just use ’em.

  23. Stanley Johnson
    5 Nov 11
    1:05 am

  24. Sorry Ikea. Freedom is going to the shelf to pick up the flat pack you want and actually finding it in stock and on the shelf. I reckon 50% of my Ikea visits end in out of stock frustration.

  25. Billy
    6 Nov 11
    10:09 pm

  26. I found that the bookshelf I purchased at Ikea was better than the one I got at Freedom.

    Best furniture purchase I made was from Vinnies. Turned out to be a 150 year old rosewood piece. After a French polish it is an amazing piece…

  27. K. Watson.
    7 Nov 11
    1:18 pm

  28. Where do these retailers source their timber from?

  29. Simon Julian
    7 Nov 11
    2:23 pm

  30. Agree that this felt like a line that had been waiting around to be used – in the end I don’t think that it works and Freedom’s comeback was all too true!

    Proving once again that throwing stones in glass houses isn’t usually the best advertising…