‘I’m Brian and I’m a social media guru’

Dr Mumbo suspects that this paean to social media gurus is going to get some mileage:

“No-one knows how to handle your customers like a total stranger working for six dollars an hour.”  

Excellent stuff – and congrats to Klick Communications for creating it.


  1. OtherAndrew
    19 May 10
    10:38 am

  2. Brilliant work, Kim. Love it.

  3. Tom
    19 May 10
    10:50 am


  5. Chris Walton
    19 May 10
    10:56 am

  6. Thank goodness I’ve worn my girdle for I fear my sides have split

  7. Ben S
    19 May 10
    11:18 am

  8. this seems to borrow pretty heavily from that UK animated video about the social media guru …


  9. TwitFace
    19 May 10
    11:20 am

  10. This week I received an email to an event entitled “To twitter or not to twitter?” I think they meant ‘To tweet or not to tweet?’ but I may be wrong after all the speaker was A SOCIAL MEDA EXPERT.

  11. Mudge
    19 May 10
    11:21 am

  12. If you are going to publicly take the piss you should really aim to be first or better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKCdexz5RQ8

  13. mumbrella
    19 May 10
    11:27 am

  14. For what it’s worth, Ben & Mudge, I do remember the other video (I think we linked to that at the time too) – indeed, YouTube offers it up as the next option when you watch this one.

    But I’d argue it’s a rich vein, and Brian’s still pretty funny in his own right.

    Mudge, I’m not sure we can declare that all piss taking of social media gurus is now defunct because someone’s already teased them.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  15. Anthony
    19 May 10
    12:33 pm

  16. I feel that this concept is pretty close to the 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival Show ‘Free Internet’. They had a segment called MikeyNet.

    There are a heap of episodes of ‘Free Internet’ on YouTube with an example of MikeyNet available at timestamp 1:29 on the following video:


    I agree with Mudge – Kick have done well but I don’t think they can claim it as an original concept

  17. Ben S
    19 May 10
    12:44 pm

  18. have to wonder whether it’s a self parody … http://klick.com.au/services/

  19. Karina
    19 May 10
    1:45 pm

  20. Very funny! – Can I ask what the purpose of this video was? – or should I just call Brian and ask him directly!?

  21. Chelsea
    19 May 10
    1:48 pm

  22. He’s not a social media guru, he’s very naughty boy!

  23. Graham Lang
    19 May 10
    2:08 pm

  24. love it

  25. Rob the dentist
    19 May 10
    2:58 pm

  26. Where does one get teeth like that these days?

  27. What you need
    19 May 10
    3:10 pm

  28. What you really need is an agency team to work for you for thousands of dollars a day.

  29. brian
    19 May 10
    3:14 pm

  30. Ben and Mudge
    You’re absolutely right. I tell all my clients to read the entire internet before posting anything just to make sure no one is saying anything similar.

    I’m Brian!

  31. OtherBrian
    19 May 10
    3:24 pm

  32. BARGAIN!

  33. David@luvyawork
    19 May 10
    3:31 pm

  34. “I write in all caps so you know I’m serious”.

    And Comic Sans. Timeless!

  35. Scott Rhodie
    19 May 10
    4:05 pm

  36. Brilliant stuff.

    Reminds of certain people on Twitter who pimp out their services with some really terrible backdrops…

  37. Ben S
    19 May 10
    4:07 pm

  38. I am sure I’ve seen loads of Brians down at Single Origin on a Friday morning

  39. MBA
    20 May 10
    9:51 am

  40. We just hired a social media guru. His name is Brian.

    No, I’m not joking.

  41. Social media nirvana
    20 May 10
    11:06 am

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  43. The Differentiator
    22 May 10
    10:02 am

  44. my boss is in the market for a Face Book. Thanks Mumbo, now i just know who to put him in touch with