Iron Chef opens with 1.1m; Top Gear Oz gets 1.2m

Iron Chef, Seven’s latest tilt at a cooking competition franchise, opened the right side of 1m but failed to replicate Masterchef ratings on Tuesday night.

According to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTam, the show rated 1.129m, seventh for the night.

Fellow Seven show Packed To The Rafters won the night with a strong 1.795m.

For Nine, Top Gear Australia arrived with 1.218m, fourth for the night.

Tuesday’s Top Rating Shows

  1. Packed to the Rafters Seven 1.795m
  2. Seven News Seven 1.352m
  3. Today Tonight Seven 1.245m
  4. Top Gear Australia Nine 1.218m
  5. A Current Affair Nine 1.194m
  6. Nine News Nine 1.165m
  7. Iron Chef Australia Seven 1.129m
  8. NCIS Ten 1.090m
  9. Home and Away Seven 1.010m
  10. Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation Ten 1.008m
  11. ABC News ABC 0.966mm
  12. Two and a Half Men Nine 0.930m
  13. Top Gear Nine 0.882m
  14. Parenthood Seven 0.792m
  15. The 7PM Project Ten 0.750m

Tuesday’s  channel share

  • ABC1: 11.9%
  • Seven: 27.8%
  • Nine: 22.7%
  • Ten: 18.8%
  • SBS1: 4.2%
  • ABC2: 0.9%
  • ABC3: 0.4%
  • ABC News 24: 0.5%
  • 7TWO: 3.3%
  • 7mate: 2.5%
  • GO!: 4.1%
  • Gem: 1.8%
  • One: 0.5%
  • SBS2: 0.7%


  1. BK
    20 Oct 10
    11:44 am

  2. As with the US version, they have totally misunderstood the appeal. It was never about a cooking contest.

  3. ME
    20 Oct 10
    12:15 pm

  4. Cooking shows have proven to build audicence as they progress – Chef and MKR are prime examples

  5. Frank Riley
    20 Oct 10
    3:42 pm

  6. Ah, the two sides of the coin.

    On Google News ABC Online headlines with “Iron Chef debuts to lacklustre ratings”; immediately followed by The Australian with “Iron Chef puts Seven in front”

  7. JC
    20 Oct 10
    5:09 pm

  8. I cringed through every minute of the 10 I wasted on Iron Chef, what an embarrassment. There is something to be said for taking the core idea and making some adaptions for the local market. The embarrassing highlight was the attempt to replicate the tone, flow and style of the spoken Japanese language – in English – as though somehow monkeying the commentary was the key to success.