Jack Matthews… man of action

jack_matthews_action_copSearch for Fairfax Media’s metro division boss Jack Matthews on YouTube and the first option suggests that he may be leading something of a double life.

And the resemblance is indeed astounding.

You can insert your own jokes here about the good looking hero who faces an impossible mission.



  1. Anonymous
    14 Jul 11
    12:09 pm

  2. H’mmm I am not sure if I understand this – probably my ignorance…

    I will observe that The SMH online is on par with news.com.au

    It is rubbish; it is a tabloid online.

    Why would Fairfax alienate the educated. Now the non Murdoch lovers have nowehere to go.

    Oh yes they do! Broadcasters, tradtionally from TV, do a great job online. ABC and SBS.

    Oh and in this global community, The Guardian kicks a4se!!!!

    Farewell Fairfax online, I knew you quite well in print.

    News – pay wall – see ya.

    Hello smart broadcasters making massive inroads online(.)