Jeep rolls out more Patriot and Compass ads

Jeep has followed up its a cliff spot with two new ads promoting the 2014 Patriot and the 2014 Compass.

Created by Cummins & Partners, the spots continue with the ‘bought a Jeep’ positioning.

The ad for the Patriot sees a primary school student talk about her family’s weekend away at a remote beach during show and tell to which a watching student whispers to his mate ‘they must have bought a Jeep’.

The spot for the Compass sees a dad venture into his neighbour’s property after a lost ball to discover it in a quite unkempt condition. When he quizzes his wife on what happened to the neighbours she replies ‘they bought a Jeep’.

They follow on from the spot for the Grand Cherokee which sees a man on top of a misty hilltop shout out ‘I bought a Jeep’ to which a voice responds ‘me too’.


  1. campaigns
    30 Jul 14
    11:29 am

  2. This campaign and the don’t hold back slogan has overtaken Toyota. Well done all concerned

  3. Tom
    1 Aug 14
    1:29 pm

  4. I bought a bucket…. And I’ve just used it….. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!