Jeep turns to footy legend Tommy Hafey to mark 70th anniversary

Jeep is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a commerative ad featuring 79 year-old Aussie rules football legend Tommy Hafey, who offers his thoughts on how to succeed in life while on his morning training session on the shores of St Kilda. Created by CumminsRoss, the 60-second spot breaks tomorrow.

Sam Tabart, General Manager of Marketing at Chrysler Australia, said: “Tommy Hafey’s inspirational outlook and fighting-fit physique clearly embodies our Jeep ‘Don’t Hold Back’ mantra. We couldn’t find a more fitting ambassador to help celebrate this significant milestone for Jeep and the legacy created.”

Chris Jeffares, managing director of CumminsRoss, added: “We think this is the time for Jeep to make a statement in this market. We were excited to create something uniquely Australian for the 70th Anniversary that encapsulated the spirit of the brand. In sporting legend Tommy Hafey we found a man who has lived his life to the Jeep ethos. This campaign truly captures who he is, the authentic nature of Jeep and celebrates them both.”

The ad is the second outing for Jeep by CumminsRoss since the agency won the business in February. The agency’s first work was a stunt ambushing the visit of Bear Grylls to Australia in March with a tactical campaign.


  • Client: Sam Tabart, General Manager of Marketing at Chrysler Australia
  • Agency: CumminsRoss
  • Creative: Sean Cummins Jason Ross
  • Agency Producer: Tracy Proposch
  • Integration Director: Faye Collay
  • ProductionCompany; The Guild
  • Director : Mat Humphrey
  • Exec Producer: Helene Nicol
  • DOP: WayneAstrope
  • Post Production: MRPPP
  • Editor: Seth Lockwood
  • Online: Ziggy Zigouras
  • Sound: Final


  1. Mark Simkins
    6 May 11
    12:36 pm

  2. Great stuff. Lovely direction Matt.

  3. hi terry
    6 May 11
    12:47 pm

  4. Best car I have seen in a while and great direction. As a 39 year old, the ad resonates with me and by god I wished I looked that good now , let alone in 40 years time.

  5. Steve
    6 May 11
    1:09 pm

  6. I can’t believe Jason Ross did an ad without a jingle… Nice work, I like it.

  7. Alberto Rosso
    6 May 11
    1:36 pm

  8. Who on earth is Tommy Haffey?

  9. Lauren
    6 May 11
    1:45 pm

  10. Great ad – Tommy looks incredible!
    Pity Jeep is such a terrible car.

  11. John Grono
    6 May 11
    1:59 pm

  12. … and I think Tommy is still wearing the same shorts and t-shirt he did when he coached the Swans in the ’80s. The man is a legend. Love it.

  13. Anonymous
    6 May 11
    2:11 pm

  14. Great looking ad. Fantastic copy. Good talent.

    Whether or not it will sell a few more Jeeps is another question.

  15. Logic
    6 May 11
    2:37 pm

  16. does anyone outside Victoria (or anyone under 45) know who he is?

  17. Hank
    6 May 11
    3:14 pm

  18. Nice spot, not sure I now want to go driving a Jeep, but I do want to do some exercise.

    No idea who the old bloke is, but he’s excellent talent.

  19. ed
    6 May 11
    4:01 pm

  20. It’s irrelevant who he is. One of the best ads I’ve seen in a very long time.

    Congrats guys.

  21. JY
    6 May 11
    4:19 pm

  22. One of the freshest car ads I’ve seen in a long time. Beautifully directed.

  23. Sorry - nope.
    6 May 11
    4:37 pm

  24. I’m not convinced guys. 55 seconds of Tommy Hafey doesn’t mean I link it to the car. I bet bucks it doesn’t move metal. Creative indulgence.

  25. Hmmm...
    6 May 11
    4:44 pm

  26. I’m under 45.

    I used to own a Jeep.

    And I see Tommy Hafey at least once every few weeks on my early morning runs in down by the beach.

    The man himself is awesome.

    The car’s not bad, a bit of fun but a fair pain in the arse to own.

    And this ad I suspect does a much better job of selling the legend of Tommy Hafey than the legend of Jeep.

  27. Client from heaven
    6 May 11
    5:00 pm

  28. I really like it. For the job it had to do..which is say “we’re 70”, Jeep has pulled out a a nice way to say it. you don’t need to know who the guy is ( I don’t). He is a guy in his 70’s. its the attiude of jeep. Really a great piece of brand communication.

  29. Paddy
    6 May 11
    7:04 pm

  30. Tomey Hafey is a legend. Coached Richmond to 4 premierships 67,69, 73 and 74. Went onto to coach at Collingwood, Geelong and the Swans. His daily run, push ups, sit ups and then swim in speedos in the icey St Kilda waters is legendary. He is inspiring on all levels and still fills rooms when he is a guest speaker. Not bad for 79. Not sure it will work for NSW and QLD eyeballs but good job all the same.

  31. Alison F
    8 May 11
    1:08 pm

  32. I like the ad a lot…. but he’s 79, not 70!

  33. AdGrunt
    8 May 11
    3:34 pm

  34. Nice one, Jeep Oz. Your game has been raising noticeably across all aspects of your marketing for the last 12 months.

    Wonder if they’ll separate the brand locally from the Chrysler millstone. I think they might…

  35. Uhdy
    9 May 11
    10:08 am

  36. Great ad, Tommy a legend, but doesn’t change my perception of Jeep or Chrysler (poor) – does makes me think about them

  37. Wildgoose
    9 May 11
    10:17 pm

  38. @ logic does anyone under 45 know who he is?

    I’m well under 45 and you gotta be crapping me, the mans a freaken living legend! Who cares if nobody knows who is anyway, he’s 79 and looks better than the majority of 25 year olds.