Kate just joined Spotify

If your inbox is anything like Dr Mumbo’s inbox, then it has been inundated the last week with notifications of your Facebook friends joining music streaming services.

(Article now amended)

Dr Mumbo has got the wrong end of the stick on on this one –  apologies.


  1. Time Out Sydney
    5 Jun 12
    3:26 pm

  2. Dr Mumbo,

    This seems to be an IT error.

    In Kate’s defence she signed up to Time Out’s excellent Vivid Sydney playlist on 22 May so she was on Spotify before then.

    Here’s the text of the email.

    Hey Time Out,
    Kate Vale just subscribed to your playlist VIVID Sydney 2012.
    View Kate’s playlists

  3. mumbrella
    5 Jun 12
    3:41 pm

  4. Thanks for flagging this up TOS