KFC launches The Double – the sandwich that replaces bread with chicken

KFC is to launch its controversial Double Down snack in Australia on Wednesday.

KFC_double_downThe snack launched in the US last year where it was dubbed “the unhealthiest sandwich ever” but was also a major marketing success with a planned six week shelf life extended on the back of strong sales.

Featuring no bread or salad, it sandwiches two types of cheese and bacon between two pieces of chicken.

kfc_the_doubleThe product – renamed for Australia as The Double, rather than Double Down, is being marketed as “the ultimate manfood”. It will be backed by a month of marketing activity targeting KFC’s mile customer base labelled “The month of mantime”.  

A mailout went to KFC’s cutomer base today telling them:

“There are no equivalents here, The Double IS the man. It’s the burger that says NO to bread buns and HELL YES to double fresh breast fillet, rasher bacon, double cheese, double awesome!”

Nutritional information on The Double is not yet available on KFC’s Australian website, but the US version lists it as amounting to 540 calories (2268kJ) and containing 32g of fat. At present KFC’s chicken cheeseburgers contain 19.6g of fat.

The launch is likely to put renwed focus on the issue of responsible marketing in Australia by fast food companies. Although there is a Quick Service Restaurant Industry code of conduct administered by the Advertising Standards Bureau, it only covers responsible marketing to children.

chaslicc double downAmong the first to experience The Double in Australia was Chaser Chas Licciardello who custom ordered one last year and tweeted the moment.


  1. Paul Montgomery
    28 Mar 11
    6:46 pm

  2. Did Chas get paid for that? If not, he should have. Someone should pay for the heart surgery.

  3. Anonymous
    28 Mar 11
    6:50 pm

  4. just had a heart attack from looking at the pics

  5. Ciaran
    28 Mar 11
    8:16 pm

  6. Please, you can order plenty of burgers from McD’s and Hungry Jack’s with more fat than this.

    Yes, it’s a ludicrous menu addition but it’s not the unhealthiest thing you can buy these days.

  7. Herald Sun reader
    28 Mar 11
    9:10 pm

  8. Surely this is as bad as selling cigarettes?

  9. Anonymous
    28 Mar 11
    9:57 pm

  10. i got really excited for the double down when it came out in the states, but was let down by the sogginess–i expected something nice and crispy! now that i live in oz, i have high hopes that “the double” will delight, since you guys generally serve better quality food. now, when will kfc’s signature buttermilk biscuits (think scones, but more buttery/flaky) grace australian menus?!

  11. @handypearce
    28 Mar 11
    11:55 pm

  12. Awesome.

    Now the rest of you – stop moralising the dirty bird.

  13. The Worst of Perth
    29 Mar 11
    12:19 am

  14. I saw ads for a Burger King “Back Porch Burger” when in Miami. And the size of people’s back porches there made me think it was a sucess.

  15. Fast Eddy
    29 Mar 11
    9:11 am

  16. It’s April 1st already?

    I don;t know if it’s because it’s before ten in the morning, or if this product is just completely vomit-inducing full stop…but I feel sick as a dog just looking at it.

  17. Hmmm...
    29 Mar 11
    9:52 am

  18. Just so long as the fatties don’t try blaming their size on ‘glands’, ‘genes’ or the fact that ‘I just look at food and put on weight’.

  19. Liam
    29 Mar 11
    10:13 am

  20. I love the idea of this product. Doing away with the bread is just fantastic.

    Maybe at some point they will get rid of the chicken too.

  21. Mr Fatty
    29 Mar 11
    10:29 am

  22. soooo gooood

  23. Anonymous
    29 Mar 11
    10:36 am

  24. it needs a hash brown in it as well

  25. health conscious
    29 Mar 11
    10:40 am

  26. Turns out it has less enegry and fat (and presumably carbs) than a Quarter Pounder – sodium is off the hook though:


  27. Not terrible
    29 Mar 11
    10:41 am

  28. Low carb diet?

  29. Ben
    29 Mar 11
    10:56 am

  30. A quick look on the KFC website reveals the tiny Original Recipe Snack Box contains more kilojoules than this supposedly world-ending Double Down burger. As do pretty much all other burgers, wraps,

    Storm, teacup, etc.

    Move on.

  31. Wayne
    29 Mar 11
    11:08 am

  32. It will certainly save time cooking food for my four obese children.

  33. @leggytron
    29 Mar 11
    11:09 am

  34. Phill
    29 Mar 11
    12:42 pm

  35. YUM. Heart foundation X

  36. Andrew Hamilton
    29 Mar 11
    1:53 pm

  37. You should check out the drama unfolding on the KFC Australian Facebook page!

    Note to KFC: When you decide to run a promotion through facebook offering customers a sneak preview at a product, make sure you’ve told the stores!

    People all over the country are trying to buy this new product after being told they could through the Facebook page only to discover that it’s not for sale today in most stores.

    Great way to make yourself unpopular and fill your Facebook page with negative comments.

  38. Phill Ohren
    29 Mar 11
    2:08 pm

  39. Indeed, dramas are unfolding…. http://www.facebook.com/KFCAustralia?sk=wall

  40. AndrewL
    29 Mar 11
    2:08 pm

  41. I am so happy, I put way plenty these when I was in NY, I joined the facebook petition to bring them to Australia

  42. Anonymous
    29 Mar 11
    2:10 pm

  43. f the heart foundation. we are all responsible adults with the ability to make our own choices. there is nothing irresponsible about serving and marketing this burger. if we want to kill ourselves its not against the law. who cares about fat, were all fat and happy and enjoying our food, leave us alone. we all obviously love fast food since there is one on every corner, and growing!!!

    bring on the double. the bread probably has more sugar and fat than the chicken anyway!!

  44. Clara
    29 Mar 11
    3:20 pm

  45. HAA! Social Media Fail!

    I feel ill looking at this. But a twisted part of me wants to try it. Then vom.

  46. Mark G
    29 Mar 11
    3:21 pm

  47. I just had one for lunch, and now I feel like I need to sleep for 18 hours to simply digest the thing.

    I’d probably do it again though..

  48. mish
    29 Mar 11
    3:44 pm

  49. Where’s the tick from the Heart Foundation?

  50. Anonymous
    29 Mar 11
    3:48 pm

  51. filthy disgusting!

  52. WTF
    29 Mar 11
    3:48 pm

  53. Double Bypass

  54. Ewfattyfatty
    29 Mar 11
    3:49 pm

  55. That is absolutely disgusting. Your body wasn’t created to process this junk. If you eat this kind of shit you’re asking for disease and early death.

  56. Joey
    29 Mar 11
    3:50 pm

  57. This all reminds me of a billboard I once saw in LA many years ago.

    It had a big image of a burger with mountains of beef, cheese, bacon all oozing out of the 2 buns.

    The headline: “Our heart surgeons are standing by”.

    The billboard was promoting a private hospital!!

  58. Hill Yid
    29 Mar 11
    3:51 pm

  59. KFC have streamlined this product by removing the bread – well in!

  60. AdGrunt
    29 Mar 11
    3:52 pm

  61. Will nobody think of the children?

  62. Chris D
    29 Mar 11
    3:54 pm

  63. Love to see this little baby as a temptation in the Biggest Loser…think I’ll pass on this one..

  64. Anonymous
    29 Mar 11
    3:55 pm

  65. I want this more than air.

  66. Ems
    29 Mar 11
    4:03 pm

  67. The bread makes the burger… this is just a well placed meat. And yes… it needs a hashbrown!

  68. agency dude
    29 Mar 11
    4:05 pm

  69. all it needs is a can of condensed milk to wash it down and you got yourself a
    snack sized coronary!

    Maybe KFC are trying to tackle world over-population one heart attack at a time…

  70. The Monicle
    29 Mar 11
    4:07 pm

  71. Guys, you’re missing the point. Only bogans eat KFC, and this burger is a more effeciant way to kill said bogans.

  72. audrey
    29 Mar 11
    4:10 pm

  73. @Herald Sun Reader: YES. the next logical step is a no bun, all deep fried chicken burger with cheese, bacon and cigarettes.


  74. Matt
    29 Mar 11
    4:19 pm

  75. Most of the criticism really is quite lame. It’s just a few pieces of chicken with some cheese and bacon in the middle. Apparently it’s around 500 calories which is just a little more than a Big Mac.

    The only reason people are paying the crap out of it is because it’s weird. I bet half of you will be out eating one tonight.

  76. Bucks
    29 Mar 11
    4:34 pm

  77. Seriously people, this one isn’t even marketed at families, you’ll find it’s marketed at adult males to coincide with some ‘Man month’ push they’re about to do. SO if you as an 18 year old male lving in this country while you still have the right to make your own adult decision, (before the PC police get control), decide you want to eat this with all it’s calories, be my guest.

    I won’t, but that’s my choice and I respect anyone adult enough who choses to eat one or not, you dont need me to nag you one way or the other.

    20,000 dead in Japan and it had nothing to do with this burger and that’s a serious point in that there are bigger issues out there.

    What is interesting and the relevent part of this in regards to what this website is about, is the Facebook PR disaster that KFC have on their hands, that’s actually a media story, not opinions on KFC releasing an unhealthy burger, (well duh, and Philip Morris just released minty cigarettes)

  78. Mark from the Internet
    29 Mar 11
    4:39 pm

  79. I am definitely getting one of these.

  80. @#$!
    29 Mar 11
    4:56 pm

  81. Beautifully designed for the obese!

  82. Mathew punani
    29 Mar 11
    4:57 pm

  83. Oh my god my punani is tingling with moist excitement!!!

  84. Ben
    29 Mar 11
    4:59 pm

  85. Geez it’s like reading the comments section of news.com.au in here. I need to change my previous post to fit in. Here goes:

    omg kfc are KILLERS they shoudl be BAND from advertising they aer makeing us all OBEAST

  86. buddaoftheburbs
    29 Mar 11
    5:01 pm

  87. still battery farm chicken rubbish whatever else they do with it. fail.

  88. Spence
    29 Mar 11
    5:02 pm

  89. RELEASE THE KRAKEN …. i mean BACON!!!

    Oh and yes. Get a hash brown in there.

  90. Maria
    29 Mar 11
    5:07 pm

  91. Bring it On…. I want one now

  92. sofakingwetoddit
    29 Mar 11
    5:52 pm

  93. I’m going to eat 2 of these straight after Gym!! I love how KFC are unhealthy and proud of it. Only makes me want to eat their food even more!

  94. Josh
    29 Mar 11
    6:10 pm

  95. The Double actually has less fat than the KFC Twister, or a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder from McDonalds.

    Much ado about nothing, really.

  96. Bec
    30 Mar 11
    6:58 am

  97. Order it with a diet coke, that’ll save ya!

  98. Ed
    30 Mar 11
    8:34 am

  99. Yummy.

  100. Hmmm...
    30 Mar 11
    10:22 am

  101. Josh @ 6.10pm,

    all you’re really doing is reinforcing the fact that the vast majority of fast food is incredibly bad for us.

    Stacking up well in comparison to a KFC Twister or a Quarter Pounder is hardly a ringing endorsement.

    But yeah, at least KFC doesn’t pretend to be anything but junk. You eat there, you’re definitely going in with your eyes wide open.

  102. fed up
    30 Mar 11
    11:37 am

  103. But its not just about individuals choosing what they like to eat. The people who eat this stuff regularly will expect, in 20 years or so, to get good quality medical care to compensate for their poor diet choices – heart surgery, medications and hospital care. The people who don’t eat this stuff, and make responsible food choices, will not need it, but their taxes will pay for it. How is that about individual choice? Levy the sales of these products to pay for the inevitable drain on the health budget in 20-odd years I reckon.

  104. AdGrunt
    30 Mar 11
    12:03 pm

  105. A double whammy of fallacy there:

    How is “this stuff” defined?
    Cheese? Bacon? Chicken? Put a levy on these? Butter too? Chocolate? Bread? A chicken mayo sandwich? A slap-up meal at a fine French eatery?

    The “but they are a burden on our society” argument is a strange stance, driving towards a more libertarian direction.
    Shoud society levy parents for their kids and the subsidy provided for their upbringing and education. Stuff child benefit, have a child tax?

    Tax sunbathing, surfing, skiing as they have significantly higher injury risks? It’s a slippery slope you’re standing at the top of.

  106. Suzanne
    30 Mar 11
    12:33 pm

  107. totally getting one for lunch.

  108. Anonymous
    30 Mar 11
    2:21 pm

  109. Don’t forget to upload a photo to WIN MANSTUFF :) http://www.facebook.com/KFCAus.....6643074113

  110. Ben
    30 Mar 11
    4:16 pm

  111. AdGrunt wins as usual.

  112. Grasshopper
    1 Apr 11
    12:04 am

  113. Bring on the Child Tax!

  114. talkingboonie
    1 Apr 11
    1:54 pm

  115. I can’t believe they didn’t call it a Shit Sandwich…

  116. Jason
    3 Apr 11
    3:27 pm

  117. “Levy the sales of these products to pay for the inevitable drain on the health budget in 20-odd years I reckon.”

    Sure, just so long as we put similar levies on contact sports. Wanna play football? Submit a blank cheque in advance to cover potential medical expenses.

    Also a rich person who pays lots of taxes should be allowed to eat unhealthily, but poor people should only eat green vegetables and lean meat. It’s only fair.

    Great idea, buddy.

  118. Grunter
    3 Apr 11
    5:03 pm

  119. Fck the captaincy, I’ll have one of these in a bun, with extra Mayo ‘thanks’!

    All that advertising over the years at every oval when I have played cricket has resulted in a sudden urge for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Yes, I know, Mr Warner has endorsed Macca’s but I want a dose of the 3 lettered dirty greasy bird :)

    Large chips and a thick shake too please Sheila!

    In Canada ‘Pup’ is something served in burgers, similar to veal… I think there is one called a ‘Fresh Captain Burger’ and they serve beer in the fast food joints, with free refills.

    Burgers don’t kill people, cricketers do! I heard it on the TV channel SBS 2…

    I wonder if I will be allowed to change my 20/20 shirty name to Ricko?

  120. Phil
    4 Apr 11
    6:30 am

  121. Have you seen the size of them?! Its fcking tiny! How do they get the 2000mg of sodium on the zinger.
    Half of it’s weight is grease.

  122. Groucho
    4 Apr 11
    8:58 am

  123. KFC are doing a great job advancing Darwin’s survival of the fittest. Only the most stupid people will eat this crap because the others can see the health consequences. They will die prematurely hence lifting the average of the population. Everybody wins. More power to the fast food people, more power to the tobacco people, clean up the world!

  124. Dr Oyvind
    4 Apr 11
    11:54 am

  125. This is a ridiculous example of plagiarism, what are KFC playing at? In Coming To America we had McDowells ripping off the awesome real deal Maccas, and now this.

    I can only assume The Colonel watched as much Ren & Stimpy as I did and thought the idea of a meat sandwich using meat as bread, all washed down with a glass of meat.

    I would have provided a link, but Viacom are too cross and tight to let me find it on YouTube.

  126. Anonymous
    17 Apr 11
    3:50 pm

  127. mmmm so goood! makes you animal!

  128. Mark S
    18 Apr 11
    12:07 pm

  129. Groucho, I’m with you: this is an excellent contribution to the process of natural selection.

    If you’re stupid enough to eat this garbage, please be my guest, we’ll manage just fine without you