KFC not so bowled over by ad placement

Here’s an example of unfortunate ad placement next to a not so flattering news story about that “racist” KFC TV ad that made global headlines.  

Can’t imagine KFC would be terribly bowled over by this one.

KFC racist ad


  1. nextbrett
    8 Jan 10
    10:52 am

  2. I think with a lot of these cases it’s the people that point, stare and slander racist ‘stereotypes’ that are often the ones that incite racism.

  3. threebillion
    8 Jan 10
    12:10 pm

  4. Surprised not to see their ad on this site: http://www.baconorbeercan.com/index.html

  5. dermot_mccoy
    8 Jan 10
    12:10 pm

  6. The same think happened on channel 7 last night.

    The news update during the movie was on at 10pm mentioning that KFC pulled the plug on the ad, only to be followed directly by another KFC ad from the same campaign.

  7. Waiting for America
    8 Jan 10
    12:52 pm

  8. To be honest, I am surprised this ad was not flagged as racist before it hit U.S shores. I couldn’t beleive they had gotten away with such obvious racism in the ad. Suggesting that you should feel uncomfortable when in a crowd of another race is such a prehistoric view of the world – epecially for Australia, which is such a multicultural nation. The reference to fried chicken as the relationship builder is less offensive than the fact that KFC beleived the population of Australia still has such backwards views.

  9. Brendon
    8 Jan 10
    1:32 pm

  10. I think Waiting for America has kind of missed the point that the ad is not highlighting that the guy is in a crowd of people of another race but amongst a crowd of West Indian supporters. Would we be having the same argument if it was an Australian amongst a crowd of English supporters?

    I think Todd Sampson said it well on the 7pm project last night that we shouldn’t have to put an American filter over everything we do. He did, of course, go on to contradict that comment in his next sentence…

  11. mich
    8 Jan 10
    2:05 pm

  12. “Waiting for America” has missed the point.

    He’s uncomfortable because he’s an Australian supporter alone in a crowd of West Indies supporters. Cricket is an international sport, so naturally people tend to support along grounds of their nationality. On camera, this translates to a white guy surrounded by non-white west indies.

    Imagine the ad ran in the state of origin. It’ll be a lone Blues supporter surrounded by a crowd of maroons supporters. Is that racist? No.

  13. indiancurry
    11 Jan 10
    10:59 am

  14. In the Middle East I’ve seen a Pringles TVC of 2 soccer club supporters surrounded by rival supporters. But since they were all male, probably they got away with it.

    I do not think the ad is racist but it’s unfortunate that the Australian way of looking at things has been influenced by American “correctness”. Would it have been better if the TVC showed an Aboriginal guy amongst West Indian female supporters? That might have put the feminists up in arms against sex discrimination or maybe Symmonds might have got some prime time.

    Advertising has descended from creative ideas to politically correct analogies, sadly it’s no longer enjoyable in this industry.