Kyle & Jackie O show suspended following rape scandal

The Kyle and Jackie O show has been taken off the air following last week’s disastrous live broadcast when a 14-year-old girl taking part in a lie detector test revealed that she had been raped.

On Sunday evening Austereo issued a statement saying:  

“Kyle Sandilands’ management has advised Austereo that he is unable to perform his duties on-air at this time. Further, following a great deal of consideration and having consulted Jackie O and all stakeholders, Austereo has formed the view that it is in the interest of all parties, for the Kyle & Jackie O Show to go into recess until we have completed an across-the-networks review of the principals (sic) and protocols of our interaction with our audience. This review commenced last Wednesday 29 July 2009.”

The furore began on Wednesday after the girl blurted out her comment when asked about her sexual activities.

But the controversy showed no sign of abating at the end of the week. Advertiser Optus went public saying it was “appalled” by the incident. Naked Communications boss Adam Ferrier wrote an open letter to the industry calling for a boycott of the station. And presenter Kyle Sandilands penned a justification of the incident in which he suggested that some of the blame lay with the media coverage that followed.

And on Saturday, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph revealed that the show had not been using the common industry practice of operating on a seven second live delay which gives an opportunity to stop something from being broadcast.

Today the criticism continued. Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, broadcaster Steve Price said:

“It’s a simple process and when done as it should be, the audience simply has a few seconds of silence and a professional broadcaster can usually recover the situation and repair the damage.

“We are not dealing here though with people who think the rules and codes apply to them. The authority dealing with upholding these standards – ACMA – has an obsession with concentrating their efforts on AM talkback radio rather than the more difficult job of policing standards on shows like Sandilands’.”


  1. Nic Halley
    2 Aug 09
    7:02 pm

  2. made my day

  3. Ben
    2 Aug 09
    7:02 pm

  4. Good news!

  5. jane king
    2 Aug 09
    7:02 pm

  6. I think Austereo had no choice but to action such a review, I am sorry to hear Kyle is unable to attend to his on air duties but i guess ‘we reap what we sew’, one cannot expect to participate in such offenive behaviour and not become a victim to it.
    Lets hope austereo’s review concludes that it is time we got back to some good old fashioned entertainment in the mornings that we can listen to in the car with our children on the school run, you know good music, bright wit, traffic and weather/some competitions , news just drop the shock jock culture, Australia simply doesn’t need it.

  7. Stephen Collins
    2 Aug 09
    7:03 pm

  8. Why not just say “we fired them”?

  9. Adam Ferrier
    2 Aug 09
    7:04 pm

  10. Great news.

  11. clive burcham
    2 Aug 09
    7:04 pm

  12. Ok, so Kyle is off the air. Its also time for all publishers, networks, advertisers and sponsors to do a healthcheck on how many other knobs they fuel with money.

  13. Jeff Waugh
    2 Aug 09
    7:06 pm

  14. Perhaps they can’t spell “principles” because they don’t have any? Yeah, yeah, low blow spelling nazi quip… :-)

  15. NAMBLA
    2 Aug 09
    7:07 pm

  16. WHAT !! There’s nothing wrong with child exploitation !!

  17. jamesT
    2 Aug 09
    7:08 pm

  18. keef the cat will be happy about this

  19. Adam Paull
    2 Aug 09
    7:08 pm

  20. So Austereo didn’t make the correct decision and has had the shows removal forced onto them. Now they, and the show’s sponsor, just look weak and stupid. No doubt there’ll be spin galore, but the dropping of the show the day of the incident was the only way to reduce the damage. Now it’s just too little too late, and this whole mess will kick off again the second they attempt to put them back on air.

  21. Gillian
    2 Aug 09
    7:09 pm

  22. This shows what can happen when the public puts up their hands and says no more. I like Kyle and Jackie-O but I questioned the levels they have to go to be entertaining. I have no appreciation for their pranks that are in bad taste, the constant bullying of Geoff and their other staff members. The whole good cop, bad cop routine amonst announcers that seems to be employed across the 2Day Network leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Masterchef showed that Australian audiences are looking for feel good entertainment.

  23. Alan McBride
    2 Aug 09
    7:11 pm

  24. Yep, agree. Opening for Doug Mulray here:-) Proper entertainment.

  25. Anonymous
    2 Aug 09
    7:12 pm

  26. Next stop: TV ads that prey on the weak minded such as impotence/hairloss/porn/etc

  27. Paul Hayes
    2 Aug 09
    7:19 pm

  28. Consider the timing. Survey 5 just finished, so they’d be on holidays anyway. It won’t affect their ratings, Sandilands is due to start Australian Idol and they get to do a big “comeback”. For all the indignant braying about this incident, I think Austereo is spinning it.

  29. FriendlySavage
    2 Aug 09
    7:24 pm

  30. This sums it up nicely

  31. Paul
    2 Aug 09
    7:36 pm

  32. Austereo have it all worked out.. They havent sacked anyone and anyone who thinks they have is naive.

    Lets face it, if the girl had not said the whole rape thing (her MOTHERS fault) no one would give a care about the segment. And Kyle’s response was in the moment while he was signalling for the segment to be pulled, and hes appologised. He was in New Zealand and wasnt able to pull the plug as quickly as he would had he been sitting “in front of the buttons”.

    The media jumped on it, and you all fell for the beat up. Congtats.

  33. Not a robot
    2 Aug 09
    7:39 pm

  34. Enough with the copy and pasting Paul Hayes, we’ve seen it everywhere.

  35. K Wilson
    2 Aug 09
    7:39 pm

  36. I’m just glad we don’t have to see those awful and annoying ads anymore!

  37. David Jackmanson
    2 Aug 09
    7:43 pm

  38. Paul, your sneering at people is actively helping bullies like Kyle and Jackie O.

    No matter what brought this to public attention, it’s just not OK to get a 14 year old girl on your radio program and have anyone interrogate her about her sex life. Kyle’s response to her revelation of rape is irrelevant. The show had already crossed the line by that stage.

    Sure, Austereo hasn’t sacked anyone, and people will need to keep an eye out to make sure they don’t try to sneak this vile pair back on air. But them being suspended is a very good start.

  39. Andy
    2 Aug 09
    8:05 pm

  40. Good news.

    The rape aside, which is a whole other level of pain, a child’s sex life should never be used for adult entertainment.

    This was possible the lowest point in Australian radio history.

    Hopefully companies like Optus would will choose not to be associated with the exploitation of children in the future. Is that any way to sell phones?

  41. JJ
    2 Aug 09
    8:25 pm

  42. Kyle is an idiot. But 2DayFM has a history of hiring idiots. Anybody remember the other 2DayFM duo taken off air many years ago, one David Rhymer and Emma Tyrie after stunt involving a HSC student being told her TER result was a mistake and she didn’t indeed get a perfect score. Poor girl broke down on air.

  43. Ben
    2 Aug 09
    8:35 pm

  44. Outstanding – As for this not being a permanent arrangement, I know that I will be complaining to any institution that would employ Kyle in the future and I am certain that I will not be alone.

  45. Jade
    2 Aug 09
    8:36 pm

  46. Putting Sandilands’ comments aside for a second. Mum should be flogged for this. What kind of mother does this to her child? Not only did she put the girl on public radio to discuss personal activities such as her sex life, she did so knowing FULL WELL that she had faced the traumatic experience of rape at 12. THEN she decided she was going to omit that she already had knowledge of the incident. But wanted to know “if there were any others.”

    What pipe is she smoking from and what the hell is in it? I can honestly say that I wish nothing but the worst for her from now until eternity. She has got to be the silliest woman in the history of radio guests. Mother of the year FTW!

  47. Sharon
    2 Aug 09
    8:37 pm

  48. Great news ! !
    But this is just Round 1. The conditions still exist for a repetition.

    I hope everyone keeps up the pressure on industry and the government to find out exactly how this situation arose, and how to stop it from happening again.

  49. Ann Wood
    2 Aug 09
    8:49 pm


  51. Ann Wood
    2 Aug 09
    8:56 pm

  52. Kyle and Jackie have taken breakfast radio to a new low. I love Idol but will not watch because of KS………No Talent or Wit……… Just a fat westy moron…..

  53. Kirsten
    2 Aug 09
    8:58 pm

  54. Will we still have to watch him on Idol?

  55. Bill Posters
    2 Aug 09
    9:10 pm

  56. So there’s a lotta the same pro-Vile ‘n’ Kacky propaganda popping up in comments threads.

    We already know they pay for Twitter followers.

    Are they paying for comments section spam too?

  57. Kara
    2 Aug 09
    9:30 pm

  58. Boycott 2dayFM until they bring back Kyle & Jackie O!
    Join the Facebook group here:

  59. miska
    2 Aug 09
    9:46 pm

  60. that’s good news.

    i wonder though that there hasn’t been much attack on the mum, whose behaviour was the most repugnant. to forcefully bring her daughter in and question her over “wagging” and drugs when she just recently found out that her daughter was raped is not only irresponsible and base, but it’s outright disgusting. people like that should not be allowed to have children as it is blatantly obvious that their level of care is lacking, misguided and even detrimental.

  61. David Jackmanson
    2 Aug 09
    9:57 pm

  62. “Consider the timing. Survey 5 just finished, so they’d be on holidays anyway. It won’t affect their ratings, Sandilands is due to start Australian Idol and they get to do a big “comeback”.”

    The ratings schedule for 2009 which can be seen here (pdf file) shows that there is NO break between Survey 5 and Survey 6 – Survey 6 starts this week.

    So unless Austero was going to put their stars on holiday during a ratings period, their ratings will be affected.

    I wonder about the motive of someone spreading disinformation of this sort.

  63. Adam Paull
    2 Aug 09
    10:00 pm

  64. I think the lesson we all need to take away from this debacle is that children and lie detectors belong in the home, not on breakfast radio.

  65. Hans Stoeve
    2 Aug 09
    10:45 pm

  66. I am ready to take over their slot at 2DAY FM for a fraction of what they were paid.

  67. exchange
    2 Aug 09
    10:46 pm

  68. oh god

  69. Rochelle
    2 Aug 09
    11:18 pm

  70. Brilliant news to end the weekend! Sure, it could have happened faster and under slightly different circumstances, but this has to be seen as a win for humanity. Let’s hope it’s not short-lived…

  71. Caitlin
    2 Aug 09
    11:22 pm

  72. @miska There has been plenty of attack on the mother too. However she is not a public figure or being paid. I believe DOCS and the police are looking into the situation so if there is any consequence with the mother it will be a through those channels and hopefully remain a private matter.

  73. Hirsty
    2 Aug 09
    11:37 pm

  74. The Mother was enouraged.
    I didn’t want to say this but it hasn’t been asked yet.
    Who offered her the incentive?

  75. Sal
    3 Aug 09
    3:00 am

  76. Nova will be so pleased…looking forward to seeing how they maximise the ratings war this week

  77. Grant
    3 Aug 09
    7:42 am

  78. Thanks Kara.

    Click this link to view Australia’s morons:

    The crafty scheme is to boycott 2DayFM until Kyle and Jackie O return – genius. I’m all for edgy entertainment but I’m glad a precedent has been set that Australia will not tolerate sick lowlife garbage.

  79. Salina Roo
    3 Aug 09
    9:21 am

  80. I boycotted to show long a go Kara. Maybe it’ll start tuning in to Today FM if these iditos are turfed out for good. Looks like Kyles new husband Tamara will have to start paying the bills. I smell divorce xxx

  81. Me
    3 Aug 09
    10:32 am

  82. …and they replaced Kyle this morning with broadcaster Chris Page?

    Chris was in the headlines just over two weeks ago after saying that Todd McKenney (Mix radio presenter) had AIDS and that he was a drug addict.

    Nice one Austereo. Idiots.

  83. themarkedman72
    3 Aug 09
    10:48 am

  84. turn off austereo NOW!!

    UNtil Kyle and Jackie O are fired refuse to listen to any of their shows.

    They should be banned for life.

  85. Miranda
    3 Aug 09
    11:32 am

  86. Are you kidding me!! What hypocrites the media are, the media initiates cruel taunts and lies, manipulates and destroys MANY peoples lives every day, not just one individual and you have the hide to say that the Kyle and Jackie O show deserves to be suspended.
    It sickens me how laws are made as to whatever suits at the time, if we are playing by the rules like this, all media personnel should ALL be suspended by now.

  87. Rog
    3 Aug 09
    11:56 am

  88. Let’s be honest here folks… The only reason this is all happening is because a lot of us simply think Kyle is the definition of douchebag.

    In my opinion it is good enough a reason to get him off the air but let’s put it in perspective and realise that this is not the first and it won’t be last thing this sort of stuff is aired.

    Replace the name Kyle with Hamish/Andy/Merrick/Rosso and there’s no way we would have a topic on Mumbrella to discuss the incident!

  89. Jeannie
    3 Aug 09
    12:03 pm

  90. 2Day FM are swamping the ariwaves this morning with ads for the Kyle and jackie O show so I am assuming they will be back on air later this week. There are little montages of their best bits and lots of trailers plugging their show. Is that what you do if you’re going to get rid of two hosts?

  91. RJ
    3 Aug 09
    1:13 pm

  92. Could be that they’re trying to win back the public. My guess is by going off air and reminding people of the show they will get enough of their brain-dead fans calling for the show to be brought back. So it will be a case of “we brought them back on air due to public demand”

    This whole thing reeks of yet another publicity stunt. I have a feeling they will be back on air and I bet Austereo is merely trying to give the impression that they are doing everything by the books and that they “did do something about it”

    I hope there’s even bigger backlash if these two get back on air. Good riddance.

  93. Sharon
    3 Aug 09
    1:30 pm

  94. That is sounding like a stunt. Well I’m not swallowing it and I’m not going anywhere :)

    @ Miranda and others who think these individuals are being treated unfairly:

    Undeniably there’s hypocrisy galore in the media and the fact that there’s been something of a race to the bottom shows that rival media also need to take a look at themselves. But are you arguing that because a precedent for disgraceful conduct exists, all disgraceful conduct in the media should be ignored?

    Evidently this incident crossed a crucial line in “community standards”. The old “if you don’t like it, look away” position can’t be applied to this.
    Even if you don’t recognise the incident as child abuse, can you accept that the description of it by the former Chief Justice of the Family Court as “child abuse” and “a gross violation of human rights” justifies urgent action?

    The people responsible for bringing that segment to air offered only limited apologies with no admission that the segment as it was intended was inappropriate, and nothing has been done to prevent a recurrence – so they must be taken off air.

    Seriously, anyone working in the mass media who *still* can’t see why the segment should never have happened should get the hell out of the industry.

  95. aimee
    3 Aug 09
    2:11 pm

    The mum fscrewed up, do something about that!
    The Kyle and Jackie O are listened to by so many people.
    I hope the station suffer’s without them!

  97. Miranda
    3 Aug 09
    2:53 pm

  98. Of course disgraceful conduct shouldn’t be ignored, however I have witnessed numerous times where the misconduct of misinterpretation and exaggeration has been used.

    Destroying the lives and privacy of others, DAILY, the media doesn’t care about putting the message across to the public nor does it aim to help the victims or make others aware, but more in a sense of twisting the truth to make the story that is so distinct from the truth however appealing to readers. A money making scheme made from the dignity’s of the victims.

    I’m not arguing against the case that the Kyle and Jackie O show should continue and they should get away with it, no, I’m just voicing my speculation on why can’t the same rules apply to the media?

    In my opinion the media are the worst people of humanity and one of the most powerful sources, preying on the prejudices of people as they can manipulate the general public to think any way in which they desire based on lies and criticism. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

  99. Ross
    3 Aug 09
    3:28 pm

  100. Better Late than Never Austereo

    Kyle needs constant roping in considering their major audience in children under 18 years. Being outlandish is one thing being totally inappropriate is another. Kyle and the producers of the show need a good review of what they do on air or next time they may not be so lucky and get back on air.

  101. Melanie
    3 Aug 09
    3:54 pm

  102. Cheap and nasty. Lowly, inarticulate and unethical. Kyle is a fat, uneducated moron and Jackie is a hypocrite, pretend princess who likes to be seen as the good one of the pair. But she is just as bad. They should have never agreed to have a child strapped to a lie detector to answer questions about her sex life in the first place – never mind the rape – this is a whole new story. You do not do that to a child. The lengths they go to for ratings. Disgusting.

  103. Sophie
    3 Aug 09
    4:00 pm

  104. Have you people actually listened to the conversation!!

    How come no one is questioning the stupid mother who brought her daughter onto the show and proceeded to ask the question? Then after the daughter blurted out that she had been raped the stupid mother then asked “beside that”

    What kind of mother doesn’t get her child counselling after she had been raped?

    Kyle and Jackie do have some stupid segments but we can’t blame them for stupid parenting.

  105. Brad Rosser
    3 Aug 09
    4:14 pm

  106. In response to ANN WOOD

    Get your head out of your arse, living in the Northern Beaches does not mean your superior and on that note admitting that proves that your no better.
    “Westies” how categorizing and narrow-minded
    Which poor bastards money are you living off??

    In response to Miranda & Melanie
    I couldn’t agree more =)

  107. Mero
    3 Aug 09
    4:34 pm

  108. And you all laughed at me when I mentioned we should make a new reality TV series where Kyle is taken from city to city across the nation for public beatings – by those who register and make it through.

    About time that dropkick and his braindead blonde sidekick are taken off the airways..lets hope for good.

  109. Liz
    3 Aug 09
    5:03 pm

  110. I think the mother is truley the one at fault here, to strap someone to a lie detecting machine is just wrong in my eyes, especially when its your child.

    If she could see her daughter was getting out of control, and the realisaton that the the rape is probably the reason for her acting out then a councelor would be the right way to go about opening the communciations with her daughter but a lie dector test, pft. I would really love for the child to strap the mother to one and ask her very intimate details about her life on a televsion show so she could humiliate her.

    I afeel so sorry for the child, her mother has just betrayed, humiliated and caused pain to her just like the mother has once again.

  111. Rog
    3 Aug 09
    5:15 pm

  112. Well he’s now sacked from Idol.

  113. Sue
    3 Aug 09
    5:16 pm

  114. Think the girl and her mother are both trash and not worth worrying about. The girl is probably uneducated and maybe mentally unstable and not worth sacking anyone because of her. Possibly the girl and the mother are out for money and publicity and I have no sympathy. Why should anyone loose their job over trailer trash.

  115. Mero
    3 Aug 09
    5:27 pm

  116. Trailer trash or not its not the point here Sue.
    This was just the straw that broke the camels back – these two dimwits have been causing crap from day one – i cant stand listening to the shit they ramble about, its unproductive and utterly useless – targeted at 15 year olds.

    I blame Ausstero for this, for keeping this show on for as long as they did.

  117. Matthew
    3 Aug 09
    5:31 pm

  118. The SMH has just announced Vile is no longer a judge on Idol.

    Idol has just gained 5 new viewers instantly . . . my own family!!

  119. Anon
    3 Aug 09
    5:38 pm

  120. And it’s lead story on th Ten website.

  121. Snake Gallagher
    3 Aug 09
    5:49 pm

  122. When Kyle gets back on the air the whole of Australia, for and against, will be listening. Right or wrong the scene is set and you lot will be there waiting for the drivel which will surely come. Do you not realise that you are their audience, that any publicity is good publicity?

    Now we can get really tasteless…

  123. Tara-Lea O'Hara
    4 Aug 09
    12:46 am

  124. Kyle and Jackie O’s shock factor would have been enormous, the concept of the show was controversial but both the listeners and players knew of the content and questions that would be asked.
    Yes Kyle’s response was not appropriate, but haven’t we all had an initial reaction to something and said the wrong thing and by all means the programmers don’t get a thumbs up.
    This is a serious subject and trourmatic for the teenage and anyone that has been forced into such a horrific act by another human being.
    This on air confession was because of an irresponsable mother, why she would subject her adolescent to such a show with full knowledge of the demeaning questions she would ask her daughter, i don’t know!

    We should now be making an example of this story not criticizing 2day fm, bringing awareness to the public and advising people to speak out about there experiences to help others not become victims, and help get counseling for those who have been victimized should be the primary focus. Previous generations were told to keep it swept under the rug, I’m happy to say we live in a new generation but if we don’t use instances such as this which are forced into the public eye to bring awareness to this sensitive issue how will things change for the better.
    I’m 19 and hope by the time I have children they will get the benefit of a changed society.

  125. Bridon
    4 Aug 09
    12:58 am

  126. I really hope Kyle and Jackie O are gone for good. I took 2day FM off all of my presets a long time ago. I think Kyle is an ignorant loud mouth who constantly demeans others to build up his own low self esteem., and Jackie is like a sad groupie who pretends to be the voice of reason but really goes along with every thing he says and does. The way they treat Geoff the “gay” newsreader is disgusting and Kyles not so hidden homophobia turns my stomach. And shame on Geoff for allowing himself and his gay brothers and sisters to be passive/aggressively gay bashed by these 2 for any amount of money. If they come back iwill be sadly disappointed in all responsible.

  127. Tara-Lea O'Hara
    4 Aug 09
    1:24 am

  128. Ann Wood – i couldn’t help but feel sad while reading your Westie comment obviously you have some insecurities about where you come from and feel the need to patronize.
    Judge not lest ye be judged

  129. Nic Halley
    4 Aug 09
    7:51 am

  130. who says you cant have your schadenfreude and eat it too

  131. Gillian
    4 Aug 09
    9:04 am

  132. Ann Wood – Are the comments about people living in the west neccessary? I’m proud to live in the west but I don’t have to bring down people in other areas to show I have a sense of geographic pride :-p I can envision you now in your I heart the Northern Beaches tight tee.

    While we are yet to see whether Austerio are taking the claims seriously or just trying to appease the public by taking off Kyle and Jackie O off air, it’s good to see that Channel TEN has spoken.

    There is so much talk of bullying in the news. We have expensive programs employed across schools to stop bullying but in my opinion, there never seems to be a strong stance taken on adults bullies whether it be in workplaces or in the media. I believe that popular culture is a strong force in forming people’s opinions even from an early age. If we show that bullying is acceptable in the media, then it is a green light for bullying in schools and offices.

    I also believe that Jackie O should not get away scott free. She takes just as much delight in bullying Geoff on air and participating in these stunts as much as Kyle does. Teenagers and women look up to her and she is very skilled at manipulating the public into thinking that she’s just an innocent party in all of this. She has based a radio career on the coat tails of her more talented colleagues, first Ugly Phil and now Kyle. Jackie O is just as much to blame for this situation as Kyle but she always seems to walk away from these situations with her credibility and job intact while her colleagues take the fall.

    I am tired of seeing bullying in the media whether it be Kyle and Jackie O, Todd McKenney on Dancing with the Stars, Mia Michaels on the American version of So You Think You Can Dance or any one who thinks they can use their position and status to belittle others.

  133. Mero
    4 Aug 09
    9:19 am

  134. Its a combination of an uneducated idiot or rather idiots and status.

    A power trip gone mad. These idiots where given the status they didnt deserve and abused it.

  135. tahlia
    4 Aug 09
    9:25 am

  136. u r all fucking dellsuional… the girl gave herself up.. she jumped at the opportunity 2 be on kyla n jackie o n the mum took her on te show.. n girl fukn said she had been raped there were many ways around answering tyhat question with out saying i have been raped…kyle and jackieo are not to blame here.. and why the fuck is just kyle coping it?? and u no what if anything is hurting the girl more its the outburst after the show… the media made this more then what it was and they have fucked htings up for every1… the 14 yr old girl shud speak up n take the blame for openinhg her mouth or the mother becoz kyle was not the 1 who asked the quetions….. and if use are all so dead on about blaming kyle for thing… blame jackie too!!!!1 its the KYLE AND JACKIEO SHOW.. not the kyle show….. fuckk

  137. Mero
    4 Aug 09
    9:35 am

  138. @ Tahlia – Whats wong with you?
    Completely ignore what everyone else has said and go off on your own dellusional perspective.
    We all know they are both equally to blame, although Kyle is serial wanker and this was the last straw.
    The rape incident merely opened up a can of stinky beans which are now all over that wankers head.
    Jackie O needs to go (good rythm to it) also, shes just as bad, in an overtly kinda way.

  139. Stacey
    4 Aug 09
    12:55 pm

  140. I agree Kyle did the wrong thing but what everyone seems to be forgetting is the young girls mother. She knew and made her daughter tell Sydney radio listeners her horrible ordeal, not only that the mother did not bother to report or get her daughter much needed help. The mother seem to think it was funny, surely this is way worst then What Kyle said.

  141. wasup
    4 Aug 09
    2:39 pm

  142. i recon its no ones fault and that the girl said it jsut to get out of the lie detector test.
    she sounds like a rebel already sneaking out of home to hang out at a train station… wtf.

    kyle didnt do anything wrong he just asked a silly question, but im sure id ask something as bad if i was that shocked too, just to get out of the awkward situation. they did the right thing in the end and shut down the game…. i wanted to listen to the whole thing … damit!!!

    the media is just feeding of this crap and you guys are all taking it…. ur all being raped by the media.

  143. wasup
    4 Aug 09
    2:42 pm

  144. yeah im not watching idol…. the best part was watching kyle telling the fatties to get of the stage. hahahaha flabby arm chicks

  145. Natasha
    4 Aug 09
    4:19 pm

  146. ann wood. WOW! What a looser. Is there anything else you achieved in your little miserable life apart from living at northern beaches? We all live where we can afford or where we work, or where our children study etc. You are so pathetic. Be careful of what you say or one day you will get yourself in a big trouble. You offended thousands of good honest people. You have no brain poor thing and living at northern beaches would not ever compensate for that. You are not worth even a “westie’s” small finger nail.

    I agree that Kyle and Jackie O at first place should not even have agreed to interview a 14 year old girl about her sex life. This on its own is unacceptable.

    Mother, what a shocker. This is so sad to see mothers like that around…

  147. Linda
    4 Aug 09
    9:13 pm

  148. What self respecting mother would submit her daughter to a lie detector and ask her if she has had sex! I mean WTF is wrong with her??? She knew she had been raped so obviously that would answer her question. Is she a dim wit or an atttention seeker?? I hope the poor girl gets the councelling she needs and the mother drawn a quartered for her insensativity and lack of respect for her child.
    I feel sorry for Kyle and Jackie O as they could not have known about this prior to the taping of the show. While i do not think placing a 14 year old girl on a public lie detector test is right in anyway, it seems to me the mother was the instigator in this whole affair and wanted her 15 minutes of fame.
    I agree that Kyle and Jacki O sometimes take things a little to far for “shock value” like when they harrass poor Jeff, But he stays and takes it so they must assume he is Ok with it.
    So leave Kyle and Jackie alone they must feel bad about the whole thing and place the blame where it belongs, with the MOTHER a pathetic excuse though that she is.

  149. Justin
    5 Aug 09
    12:22 am

  150. Any company or corporation that advertises with these lowlife is stating that despite all the high cost, glossy self promotion ; when it comes to making a buck any shit will do.

  151. Les Posen
    6 Aug 09
    11:17 am

  152. I’m starting to get an awfully uncomfortable feeling about the veracity of the mother/daughter…

    However the truth, questionning a 14 yo about her sexual behaviours using a lie detector is exploitative, and without a kill button (7 sec delay) asking for trouble (which they got in spades, now valued at $millions). Kyle under pressure revealed his supreme lack of talent. Jackie O at least saw the train wreck happening, even if she willingly ignored the warning signals blasting away.

    Once Qantas pulled its advertising, it was a game of dominoes after that. Media Watch (ABC) took an interesting tack by revealing a previous exploitative effort to show a pattern… this is what really gets long-term action by regulators happening.

    Now we all eat Wait-and-see pie if ACMA fines Austereo or warns it over loss of license.

  153. shelly johnson
    10 Aug 09
    12:12 am

  154. Heres an idea for an amusing segment..

    Kyle Sandilands’ and Jackie-O are raped then forced to answer intimate personal questions for entertainment their pleas about not wanting to do it ignored as we all listen .


  155. Tanya
    10 Aug 09
    2:14 pm

  156. Kyle and Jackie O, did NOTHING WRONG!
    They have been used as scapegoats, for maybe bringing other major issues to light, that the crusty old media doesn’t like.
    Has anybody listened to the actual footage?
    The MOTHER is 100% to blame, end of story.
    These guys were shocked and stopped the show as soon the the rape story came to light.
    They have done nothing wrong what so ever!

  157. Mero
    10 Aug 09
    2:18 pm

  158. i blame kyles mum for giving birth to this wanker

  159. John Grono
    10 Aug 09
    2:21 pm

  160. I’ll pay that one Mero. Reckon there’s any point in trying to find the father?

  161. Mero
    10 Aug 09
    2:25 pm

  162. Well they mention that the most confusing day up Mt Druitt way is fathers day. But hey its worth a shot! =D

  163. Pip
    11 Aug 09
    12:27 pm

  164. Nobody has raised the issue of what the hell are we going to do about teenage rape in our society… Forget the presenters it was bad taste but you dont have to listen to them, I dont. What we need to focus on is how to stop this rape and sexual assult from happeneing to young people, is it an education issue?…
    The media has gone mad over Kyle and Jackie O, stuff them and their program the real issue that we should all be fired up about is how this happened to this girl and and to soooooo many others out there and how do we stop it.

  165. michaela
    13 Aug 09
    8:02 pm

  166. the thought of two radio hosts even agreeing to a lie detector test to a 14 year old about her sex life is just disgusting and also the fact that the family(including the mother) even agreed to accept the fact that her daughter would even talk about her sex life in the ears of millions.


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