Kyle Sandilands to 2Day FM – so long and thanks for all the money

Kyle Sandilands has left the building.

And his final words to his now former employer Southern Cross Austereo? Classy ones of course:

“We’ve loved it here. God we’ve made millions of dollars out of these people. Thank you very much.

“And we’ve made this company hundreds of millions  too, so don’t worry about that.”


  1. Dave.
    29 Nov 13
    12:52 pm

  2. And where have all those millions come from?

    The media and marketing industry.

    Well done.

  3. Ash
    29 Nov 13
    1:15 pm

  4. I love Kyle!!!!!

  5. Archie Leech
    29 Nov 13
    2:07 pm

  6. Exactly, so it still puzzles me why they didn’t pay him what he wanted and keep making ‘hundreds of millions’. I guess they wanted to see what is was like at the bottom with 2UE!

  7. Anon
    29 Nov 13
    2:28 pm

  8. What’s Sandliland’s, 42? What’s Today’s demographic? 14? Everybody should be happy it lasted as long as it did. Both parties need to move on.

  9. Mumbs
    2 Dec 13
    9:56 am

  10. And the fact that the show has been on a steady decline cume wise for quite a while. Add that to the significant cost to the business, the multiple national clients who refuse to advertise on the station whilst they are there, the potential ramifications of another on-air incident and huge staff turnover as a direct result of the show – it doesnt make a whole lot of business sense when you add that up against what they were asking for. Good luck with that ARN – you have no idea what you are in for!

  11. Tom
    4 Dec 13
    12:58 pm

  12. I think these two cretins needed 2Day far more than 2Day needed them. Prediction of a massive fizz and fade in the NY. Couldn’t happen to nicer people