Kyle’s happy news?

Publicity stunt?

Kyle Sandilands discusses his “love child” after apparently leaving microphone on:
Kyle leaves mic on & discusses “love child” (mp3)

The early Twitter verdict is that it’s a publicity stunt. We shall see…


  1. Gus
    6 Oct 11
    10:35 am

  2. Not surprised they’re playing Adele..

  3. Tim H
    6 Oct 11
    10:44 am

  4. FAKE

  5. David
    6 Oct 11
    11:11 am

  6. This just in….

    Who cares.

  7. MattP
    6 Oct 11
    11:52 am

  8. It is clearly a stunt because no woman in their right mind would even consider conceiving with Kyle.

  9. Debbie Downer
    6 Oct 11
    12:08 pm

  10. Well this will get plenty of air if it’s a slow news day and nothing happens…

    Perhaps burying this story is the last gift Steve Jobs gives us. RIP.

  11. nickatnights
    6 Oct 11
    3:27 pm

  12. What a total tool! This cries loudly of a station that is trudging to get any attention. And if this was a stunt and he used the fact he is a father as a way of publicizing 2dayFM then I pity his poor child.

  13. Caterina
    6 Oct 11
    3:39 pm

  14. Not true, no woman in their right mind would have a baby, let alone sleep with this hairy fat slob.

  15. Annie Chickenstalker
    6 Oct 11
    4:10 pm

  16. What a load of Wank !

  17. littlemissmary
    6 Oct 11
    4:28 pm

  18. I really think these stunts should not be given airtime (here is fine, I’m talking consumer!), it’s pretty farcical and takes the p*ss out of PR-media relationships.

    I think that media would be absolutely within their right to blacklist these ‘marketers’ as quite obviously, they can’t be trusted to tell them the truth. ie: a year of not giving Witchery airtime for their quite tasteless WItchery Man launch.

  19. Ex staffer
    6 Oct 11
    8:01 pm

  20. Interesting. They discussed doing this stunt on air a couple of years ago but the producers weren’t keen then. It must be more desperate times for them now…

  21. jean cave
    7 Oct 11
    1:54 am

  22. “au contraire” I think Kyle would actually make a great baby dad/. Playful, well-heeled and likes being at home. Probably wouldn’t make too may bedroom demands either.

  23. Tool
    7 Oct 11
    8:31 am

  24. DESPERATE TIMES. So they pass it off as a prank. It’s the most desperate tactic from a show that has lost any of the interest it once had. I cant wait to see when that tool needs the media most and he can’t get any attention. Ship. Sinking.

  25. Get Real
    7 Oct 11
    10:45 am

  26. The papers love this shit… it’s what ‘entertainment reporting’ like confidential is built on. It’s a stupid attempt to create controversy and you’d have to feel sorry for the PR person that has to deal with all of the impending phone calls, but let’s be real here – the trashy papers everyone reads love this crap… and so do the readers.

  27. Tammy
    7 Oct 11
    11:16 am

  28. People are still listening to their rubbish?

  29. Anon
    8 Oct 11
    5:50 pm

  30. I just don’t understand why they deleted everyone’s comments about the love child on FB