Late-night Wimbledon final rates 312,000 for Seven

The Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Andy Murray, which aired from 11pm on Seven, drew ratings of 312,000, according to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTam.

The match, which lasted four hours, ended in tears for the Brit, who went down in four sets to the seven-times Wimbledon champion.

Domestic Blitz – The Block to the Rescue, a special episode hosted by Scott Cam and Jamie Durie with couples from The Block, won the night with 1.646m for Nine.

The show, which aired from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, beat Sunday Night on Seven (1.382m) and Last Man Standing on Ten (418,000).

Domestic Blitz also topped the 25-54 demographic, but MasterChef – which drew a solid total of 1.4m viewers – was number one the 16-39 and 18-49 segments.

MasterChef leapfrogged Seven’s Downton Abbey in the ratings table, with the latter slipping slightly from 1.402m last week to 1.361m.

Meanwhile, Billy Connolly’s Route 66 improved for Seven on last week, up from less than 1m to 1.175m.

Sunday’s top 15 shows:

1. Domestic Blitz Nine 1.646m
2. Nine News Nine 1.556m
3. Seven News Seven 1.515m
4. Masterchef Ten 1.396m
5. Sunday Night Seven 1.382m
6. Downton Abbey Seven 1.361m
7. 60 Minutes Nine 1.359m
8. Billy Connolly’s Route 66 Seven 1.175m
9. The Mentalist Nine 0.838m
10. ABC News ABC 0.765m
11. Sporting Nation ABC 0.659m
12. Wallander ABC 0.542m
13. New Girl Ten 0.520m
14. Castle Seven 0.481m
15. Ten News Ten 0.467m

Sunday’s channel share:

  1. Seven: 25.7%
  2. Nine: 22.8%
  3. Ten: 14.2%
  4. ABC1: 9.2%
  5. SBS1: 6.1%
  6. GO!: 3.9%
  7. 7TWO 3.8%
  8. 7mate: 3.7%
  9. One: 3.0%
  10. Gem: 2.3%
  11. Eleven: 1.8%
  12. ABC2: 1.4%
  13. ABC News 24: 0.8%
  14. ABC3: 0.7%
  15. SBS2: 0.6%


  1. georgie
    9 Jul 12
    12:54 pm

  2. Any idea for the decline in ratings for Downton Abbey? It was quite obvious Domestic Blitz would blitz the ratings!! Please dont tell me there will be a revival of Domestic Blitz. Remember it failed the last time. Seems TV execs seem to be rehashing old material but hopefully no one decides to bring back Hey Hey!!(ha!ha!)

  3. chris
    10 Jul 12
    7:53 am

  4. Georgie, all they are doing is milking the cow dry. Same next week with the rising stars of The Voice do one final appearance before they become fading stars for most. Hopefully they will succeed , but those that done will become cannon fodder for print in 18 months time.

  5. Robbo
    10 Jul 12
    11:17 am

  6. Scott Cam might be a nice bloke, but geez he’s annoying.

  7. masterchef
    10 Jul 12
    8:38 pm

  8. Chris and Robbo I agree completely with both your comments. Scott Cam is so annoying and who knew that he would be channel nines saviour? The block was one big con-who would pay $1m> dollars for a house built by amateurs?? Plus they are milking the cow dry with regards to domestic blitz. Bet you a series will be in the works.People should boycott Nine for their gimmicks the way people in the US are boycotting the Today show for dumping Ann Curry unceremoniously! I Love Ann Curry