Lipton Ice Tea invites students to tap billboards to ‘like’ its Facebook page

Outdoor ad firm Eye Corp is using near-field communication technology in billboards for client Unilever.

The technology enables students to ‘like’ the Lipton Ice Tea Facebook page by tapping their smart phones on an Eyelite billboard.

Lipton Ice Tea is the first advertiser to use this technology across Eye’s products.

Karl Wells, strategy director at Mindshare said: “We want to be at the forefront of new technology for Lipton and are looking forward to seeing how this test goes.”

According to research from Eye Corp, campaigns which include special builds such as NFC have a lasting effect, with 25% of survey-takers still aware of the execution up to six weeks after the campaign has finished.


  1. LewisB
    26 Oct 11
    2:49 pm

  2. Like for the sake of Likeing?

  3. cooltech
    26 Oct 11
    3:41 pm

  4. I think it’s great there are some companies brave enough to try new technology. Even if it’s just adding members to a facebook page.

  5. KB
    26 Oct 11
    3:41 pm

  6. surely this isn’t the best use of NFC?

  7. Cameron
    26 Oct 11
    4:37 pm

  8. @LewisB Exactly.

    Using a new technology simply because it’s there to claim some sort of dubious ‘media first’…. ergh. Never mind that you are offering no payoff for consumers making the effort to participate. Never mind Like-ing things on Facebook as banal as ice tea only makes sense to its own marketing department.

    Advertisers need to seriously start exercising common sense when trying new things and not just hoping new media will do their jobs for them.

  9. RobboRobinson
    26 Oct 11
    6:18 pm

  10. Lipton and Mindshare were keen to test the technology on our media, in the hope that in the future we’ll be able to use NFC for more innovative advertising solutions. To add some context NFC was not built into the original Eye Study campaign objectives and there was no time to build a more engaging mechanic for the students. Without doubt the value in this form of comms will be in the content and this was simply included as a very small test to see how the mechanic would work in the University environment. We agree it’s a fine balance between technology for the sake thereof and technology for developments sake and we think this is a good example of the latter.

  11. Strategy Noob
    26 Oct 11
    8:31 pm

  12. Where is my reward if i like it… what’s my motivation?

  13. Elise Tam
    27 Oct 11
    2:30 am

  14. I think the reward the students get is the feeling of using the new technology! As a student myself, if my friend told me about it, I would go do it just to try it. I actually think this is pretty cool

  15. H.
    27 Oct 11
    11:38 am

  16. @Strategy Noob Content. Supposedly.

  17. Cameron
    31 Oct 11
    11:11 am

  18. Not to beat a dead horse but Lipton seems to have added <10 Likes to their page since this went live.