Make sure you’re sitting down

Nine’s ratings salvation The Voice has, according to a press release sent to Dr Mumbo this morning, an unsung hero to thank for its popularity.

The press release chirps, ‘Okay, maybe the singing talents of the hopeful contestants are the real draw card. But those sexy chairs are central to the magnetism of the hit show.”

Dr Mumbo is not convinced 2m Australians tune in every Monday to watch furniture. But he could be wrong.

There’s even a making of the chairs video. Hold on to the seat of your pants people.


  1. blc1981
    1 Jun 12
    1:44 pm

  2. Imagineering? Disney rip-off much??

  3. Heather
    1 Jun 12
    2:16 pm

  4. Oh dear…

  5. Neil Hume
    1 Jun 12
    2:19 pm

  6. The chairs are the best bit

  7. Alli
    5 Jun 12
    8:17 am

  8. Actually “imagineering” was a term Disney ripped off the American Aluminum Company (Alcoa) in the 1940s that first coined the word to describe what they were doing with aluminum.

    In a Time magazine ad, Alcoa wrote, “For a long time we’ve sought a word to describe what we all work at hard here at Alcoa… IMAGINEERING is the word… Imagineering is letting your imagination soar, and then engineering it down to earth.”

    Disney didn’t start using it until the ’50s.