Fox FM’s Matt & Jo hit back at Catherine Deveny comments over ‘everything that’s wrong with commercial radio’ promo shot

Matt & Jo promo poster

“It’s about his head. It’s about her body. Yuk”

Outspoken comedian Catherine Deveny has become embroiled in a row with Melbourne Fox FM radio hosts Matt Tilley and Jo Stanley after criticising an old promotional photograph of the pair on Twitter.

Last night she Tweeted the following about the 18-month old photo: “@CatherineDeveny: This photo sums up everything that’s wrong with commercial radio. It’s about his head. It’s about her body. Yuk. @CatherineDeveny: How could Matt and Jo think this photo is okay?”

Tilley responded: “You’re out of line, lady. And I will say this. If everything about commercial radio is so yuck, then how come some years ago, Catherine Deveny, you kept faxing me scripts, desperate to get on this show?”

Stanley added: “I actually find it kind of funny, I’ve been in radio so long that I’m used to certain people assuming that it is a very sexist industry – and for many women it has been that case, but for myself, I have only ever had incredible support on this show and here at Fox FM, and so I’ve just said ‘look you know what, I don’t define myself by a photo, I define myself by what I say,’.”

Deveny was famously sacked from The Age in 2010 for Tweeting from The Logies that she hoped then 11-year-old Bindi Irwin would have sex, and that she hoped Rove McManus’s new wife Tasma Walton would not die as his former wife Belinda Emmett had.


  1. Ben
    27 Feb 13
    12:40 pm

  2. Can you call someone who isn’t funny a comedian?

  3. Mainlander
    27 Feb 13
    12:48 pm

  4. Pretty sure the music is mainly what is wrong with commercial radio. Even the presenters would agree there.

  5. blc1981
    27 Feb 13
    1:13 pm

  6. “faxing me scripts” – fax machines still exist?

  7. Shareholder
    27 Feb 13
    1:40 pm

  8. Catherine D is just painful. Although here – she has a vey valid point.

  9. The Professor
    27 Feb 13
    1:43 pm

  10. Pretty juvenile response. “Yeah, well, she just wishes she was us.”

  11. Larry
    27 Feb 13
    1:46 pm

  12. Yeah, “comedian” is a bit rich. Maybe germ or inconvenience.

  13. pugwash
    27 Feb 13
    1:51 pm

  14. Of course she’s right…commercial radio is swamp of douchey idiots and bad music.

  15. BenM
    27 Feb 13
    1:58 pm

  16. Deveny being called a comedian is a compliment……..

    Good on them for giving it back to her.

  17. Kate Rose
    27 Feb 13
    2:25 pm

  18. She is right about the photo. Of course she faxed you scripts – she wanted to improve your show!

  19. Richard Moss
    27 Feb 13
    3:16 pm

  20. Any publicity is good publicity so long as they spell your name right. Right?

    Now, let’s see ….so that’s Cathleen who?

    Hang on why isn’t that show called the Jo and Matt show, after all it’s alphabetically correct and in any case, she has a much more attractive body than him.

  21. Angie T
    27 Feb 13
    5:44 pm

  22. I enjoy Catherine Deveny speaking her mind. Sometimes she may go ‘slightly overboard’ but overall she’s outrageously good. And yes, commercial radio is bad. It hasn’t changed in 35 years. Anyone here want to destroy the joint? I do!
    We get stuck with the same DJs on high rotation for years and years, employing the same old tired commercial radio antics and playing the same crappy music. Commercial radio needs to hit the Control, Alt and Delete button, shutdown and start up again with something fresh. Thank God for the ABC and community radio stations.

  23. nick
    28 Feb 13
    8:01 am

  24. I can see the problem with the photo – it looks like Jo has broken her hip. I hope she is alright.

  25. Cognitively DIssonant
    28 Feb 13
    9:50 am

  26. The really sad thing about the photo is Tilley’s the one with the hot body. The man must live in the gym. Topless photos of Tilley!

  27. lady
    28 Feb 13
    10:08 am

  28. I actually agree about the photo, but is anyone remembering that this is radio? Nobody is listening to radio because of anyone’s looks. Because, you know… it’s radio?

  29. RR
    28 Feb 13
    12:25 pm

  30. 1. Badmouth commercial radio
    2. Run figures and recommend investing $$ om it
    3. Badmouth commercial radio some more

  31. paul
    28 Feb 13
    5:25 pm

  32. Actually, forget what I said. That’s rude of me.

  33. Gary Wilson
    28 Feb 13
    10:42 pm

  34. Commercial radio is generally hopeless.
    Deveny is not a comedian ( like Austen Taysus)
    She should realise this fact and drive a cab or something.
    She needs to make a living

  35. Neon
    1 Mar 13
    2:24 pm

  36. Interesting all the haters of commercial radio.

    Me i just exercise my right to change the station. No hate, spite or vitriol needed.

    Ah the world we live in now. Its all about me.

  37. Billy C
    4 Mar 13
    5:19 pm

  38. For someone who has a problem with the FOX FM images she’s certainly had the photoshop out for her own promotional image for the comedy festival show.
    She’s barely recognisable: